Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Party

Christmas away from extended family can feel lonely, depressing, and overwhelming (does that sound like an ad for depression medication? Come on, I know you can here the pathetic music in the background and the scene in black and white).

This year, some good friends invited us over for a Christmas day party (color returns--music is super cheerful and happy--like my marvelous time at the Christmas Party).

To me, it felt like I was with family. Sure I don't have any great childhood stories with these people, but it felt so warm and welcoming. Each moment was enjoyable.

The 10-11 year old girls pulled S aside and put their Christmas gift of make-up on her (make-up=happiness to S). They did her hair. They played house. . . bliss for S.

Later the 10-12 year old boys showed up. They brought video games. . . bliss for R.

Everyone gleefully kept an eye out for T and his boyish-stroller (I painted the pink polka dots dark blue) zipping through the hallways. They smiled even when he kept pushing it into their legs--over and over again. They smiled when he turned off the karaoke machine (I rushed to rescue the situation--as did Cherry and others. They smirked gleefully as he emptied half of the water tank onto the floor (thanks to all those that helped clean that up). In short. . .bliss for R.

Thank you to Nancy, for singing with me. Thank you to Cherry and dear family! The food was delectable and the company divine. Bliss for M.

(Please note: spending time with friends can cause happiness, laughter, gladness, cheer, and in 99.99999 percent of the cases does not cause death. Drive with care after attending--your smile maybe so big your eyes may squint so much to make it so you can not see well--like me when I laugh and the picture of R below--which I adore).


Joe and Kristin Family said...

Wayne and Mel,

Glad that you had some friends invite you over. We dearly miss you. I hope you received the package we sent in mid December?

We are crazily excited to have you come out in January!

Joe & Kristin

Cami said...

and so, did I mention we were in NY for Christmas? Yes, and I called you (on the only phone number I have for you...something with a lot of 4's)...but alas...voicemail (which was never returned, btw...ahem). So, we called as we were driving through your 'hood and we went right past your ward building. Yes, well, I assumed because you didn't answer that you were either in UT or ID for Christmas. :( sorry we missed you (again). Aurel took the boys to see Santa at Macy's (while I worked on term paper after term paper with less distraction), and I thought of you, and your kids as I saw the pictures he brought back.
Anyhow, missing you here in Georgia. Perhaps next time (May? April?).

vdg family said...

Awww Cami! I can't believe we missed you. We changed our voice messages so they send us texts and sometimes I can't understand them. So sorry! :( Next time for absolute sure. I got to get this phone thing fixed!

cherry said...

awesome! I love the new background...the colors are very happy and PRETTY!

Urban Tangerine said...

Happy New Year!
I love your new blog skin.
Thanks for inviting us.

Kristin Van De Graaff said...

I love reading your blog. It's so fun to hear what you are all doing. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas. can't wait to see you!

vdg family said...

Oh, {hugs} thank you for your dear comments. They warm my heart!