Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Sadly, I've had a loss. It hasn't been pleasant like a kid losing their tooth or a woman losing weight. . . 
I dropped my favorite camera lens. I loved it. It was like a painter losing their paints and their brushes.  Now I have to use the kit lens and I like it and I'm grateful, but it is not the one I love. . . 

But. . .

Not all is lost. . . Santa is coming. . . I'm sending a letter. . . Or five.

Okay. I'm done. Mourning over.  Thank you for your moral support.

Ode to the Washing Machine

The washing machine.
It is loud.
It is huge.
It reminds one of a doll-sized bomb shelter.
It washes clothes.
It makes clothes look and smell nice.
Sometimes it ruins clothes it doesn't like. Meanie.
But most of the time, it is a perfect angel and cleans enduring-ly.
It has a quaint ear-piercing near-scream to alert users when the laundry is done or nearly done.
It can be kept in a basement or other place big enough for a washing machine.
It uses electricity, water and soap.
I want one. Now. And it's pal the dryer too!
But I'll just have to keep using it's sisters and dryer's brother's at my laundromat.

I'm thankful for washers. And dryers. And Laundromats.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girls Night Out with Good Friends

One of the best things about Brooklyn is our ward!  These wonderful women come out for the occasional Girls Night Out and I feel so glad every time I see them. We laugh, listen and learn from each other.  Seriously, these are amazing women!
I think they can do anything and everything!

Happy Birthday June!  

Thank you,W, for putting the kids to bed for me! It was so fun! I love you! M

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My day was . . . an event.  I am not sure I will soon forget today.

We found a DS for R (he lost his red one) on Craigslist and hopped on the train to go to Park Slope, Brooklyn.   We got there pretty quick and went directly to the wrong house, but it wasn't sad because the man whose home it was (I think) had this amazing collection of bizarre and interesting sculptures that were interactive. He was on the phone when we rang his bell and he told me I had the wrong house--but then came out to show the kids the sculptures--even to the extent that he told the person on the phone that he would call them back---WOW!! I love people like that.  He made it so fun for the kids.

Then we got back on the sidewalk and headed to the right house, but wrong level. When they say first floor--it is important that they say ground level--the door is under the stairs--yes, under.  S walked through the gate to the "yard" a 4x4 piece of concrete and found the door for us.  Then $50, one DS and six games later (sweet deal), we left happy hearted to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. . . only we didn't make it.
Take the picture already! I. need. food. now.
It was a gloriously beautiful day, the perfect day to have off! The leaves were dangling precariously from the trees some wafting down on the dancing wind (yes--they looked like they were dancing--ballroom style--not tap dancing). 
This is my you-really-should-have-fed-me-five-minutes-ago-pose.
But, lo and behold as soon as we get on our way to Prospect park . . . a severe case of starvation struck my kids and I.  Grouchiness set in like a plague and in a desperate effort to preserve any sense of sanity through the dramatic howls of hunger like "Mooooooom, I need food NOW!" "I'm SO THIRSTY!" and "Can't we get any food yet?!" 

I boldly pressed forward my hands cuffed around their wrists to get water and a muffin--a severely over priced muffin that made me wince to buy--but it tasted decent.  What is the big deal about being across the street from the park--why does that automatically give them the right to overcharge exponentially?!  Don't answer that--I wasn't really wondering, I was just venting.

I will not move until you pick me up. I need a nap. I need food. I need water. I need  . . .  you , Mom!

Between the yowls I attempted my assuage. "Children (Mooooooooooooooooooooom), Let's think of things we are grateful for (I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO STARVING! [This is so loud, people three streets over can hear it and turn their heads to see].  I'm grateful for you and (CAN'T WE EAT! GIMME A DRINK! GOLDFISH!!!) my camera and prayer and patience and chocolate [in my head I'm praying--please decently priced food--somewhere now!].

Okay, so you get the idea.  We need nutriments instantaneously!

We walked to the ball parks where they have the summer concerts and sat and ate the lemon poppyseed overpriced muffin and then walked across the park. . . slowly . . . everyone and their dog, cat, aunt, uncle, grandpa, and neighbor Hildegard passed us.

T began picking up rocks and told me, "This is my rock correction (collection)."

See the rock correction at my feet?  It took me five minutes to get that and an hour to carry  it it.
Don't touch my rocks. Mine. Mine. Mine.
Several times I tried to convince him that bringing the rocks with us was really not necessary. I took a picture of them and now we know exactly where to come if we need them again.  That kid knows me like a book. He put them gingerly down--added a pretty leaf or two, let me take a picture and then picked them all back up and carried them ten feet behind the rest of us, bless him. [Sigh].
Oh, thank you--I think.
Then we got to the lake.  All memories of rocks were forgotten--it was all about the ducks and swans.  Seriously.  They began to beg me for the goldfish to feed the swans--and I really don't want to get in trouble by a hidden park authority or some random environmentalist that feels that feeding goldfish to anyone let alone a duck or a swan is a mortal sin. . . so I kept them.

Somehow both Roscoe and Sarah ended up getting swan nipped any way. . . but they say it didn't hurt.  I think the swans were annoyed, "Hello--do I look like I eat stinkin' leaves?  I can get a leaf anywhere dope--feed me the good stuff--whatever you've got that is edible."  Then the swan would swim over to the other swan and I am sure that wing lift and low quacks were code for "Don't go over there--it's nothing--seriously--they tried feeding me like five leaves."

After R stepped into the water by accident and was terrified that there was a leech in his sock I peeled the kids away from the lake hollering and bemoaning the loss of the biting swans--we checked the sock and kept walking across the park.

Finally I saw signs of an intersection and decided it was time to go--much to S's seemingly unending chagrin.  We trudged over to the station, got on a train and went home.  Phew!

The kids forgot all their hunger and strife when I let them both go to Activity Days.  All is forgiven.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Haircuts

R Before:

R After:  He likes it! :D Victory!

T Before

T After . . . he could care less--but he got to play games on the phone during the haircut so he's happy.

Mission "Youngster Haircuts" accomplished. . . next mission--haircut for W. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I realized that I did not post a picture of S in her costume. So here is one. I love her attitude when she is walking in this photo! No wishy-washy-ness there! :D