Sunday, May 22, 2011

S's Letter to God

  When I was getting my children down for the night I opened the scriptures for the evening scripture verses.  I flipped to where we were, but somewhere in the triple combination was a letter that S had written.  

The note says (just in case you cannot read it):
Got bo you love me 4 evre [God do you love me forever?]
Yes you doo God. 

The note touched me heart and I felt immense gratitude and happiness. 

Thank you S!   God loves you forever and so do I.

Madagascar Live!

Our good friend Amanda M. had some extra tickets to Madagascar Live! at Radio City Music Hall.  It was Spring Break and I was not going to let an opportunity like that pass us up.  My kids were so excited and my excitement matched their's. I have never been to Radio City Music Hall and it felt as though I was walking into a grand palace.

 Just as a side note, the first year we lived here they dedicated the Manhattan temple and they had the youth do one of the first huge youth conference/show things at Radio City Music Hall.  There were so many youth in the show that they asked that only one or two parents and the leaders came. W was a leader of the Young Men so he went, but I was secretly sooo jealous.

 I had no idea how huge that place is. We were on the top balcony--which I thought was really awesome.  We probably would have walked up there anyway. It was also nice because I didn't feel too bad if my kids had a loud moment, which inevitably happened.  I only had to chase a child down a hall way once.  It was fabulous!  The music was great and there were colors everywhere.

During the intermission most of the parents were taking pictures. So we joined. I tried to do it sans-flash, but it turned our faces red. T loved making that face.

This was on our way there on the train.  S was in her movie star sunglasses.

 Thanks Amanda! We had a fabulous time!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Roosevelt Island and Dylan's Candy Bar

During Spring Break my friend Amanda M. offered us some tickets to Madagascar Live!   We went to get the tickets.  We decided that we would go on the Roosevelt Island Tram. We had a great time, even though we were obviously not the only ones that were excited about getting on the tram that went over the streets at 59th St. over the East River to Roosevelt Island. The tram was packed--canned sardines style.   The kids couldn't move, well technically none of us could move so the only thing they could hang on to, sort of--was the door--so when a strong breeze shook the tram the entire car full of people and R's head collided with the door.  Ouch!

We decided to go to Dylan's Candy Bar, something we were really excited to do until we noticed the lines all through the store. Being a person that can easily resist overpriced stuff (amazingly even candy) and a delight in skipping crowds we opted in walking in one door and out the other.  It. was. colorful.

Pre-Dylan's (in the background across the street)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moments with T

There are a lot of posts about T, but it is because he talks to me a lot. I mean A LOT.  I totally love it.

I was leaving the house and in a note of self-affirmation I said, "I look pretty and you look handsome."
T: I look pretty.
Me: You look very handsome.
T: No, pretty.
Me: Handsome or sharp is what a boy says.
T: . . .
Me: Do you like those?
T: No.

A few hours later I was looking at adorable, modest dresses online. He peeked over my shoulder and said, "She's handsome."

. . . lesson learned . . .

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inspiring, Humor

Today I watched the Nei Nei story on ABC 20/20 and I have to say it was very inspiring.  You know when you didn't know you needed something until you see it and then you know that the Lord knew that you really needed it.

It made me realize how much I take motherhood for granted.  Sometimes it is so easy to look at things and think--there is so much to do, how am I am ever going to get everything done and be the kind of mom and wife I need to be?   Well, watching that made me realize that I may not be the mother that I want to be right now, but I have a body with which I can do all those things I want--even if I do not get them done. I can be home with my children. I can get them ready for school. We can do fun things together. I can holler out that I cannot wake up in the morning and that I really need a hug and my kids will wake themselves up and come in to hug me good morning (my morning bliss). We can laugh together, tickle each other, help clean all with no bodily pain or injury.  We are so blessed!!!

This may sound funny because right now I am re-enforcing the kidlet's bedtime routine which was a bit disturbed yesterday because I left W in charge (he gave me a break with no children, the first one in three weeks--thanks sweetheart :D), and T ended up getting onto my bed instead of his. Sigh.  The disruption in the routine means chaos for me and T is fighting me tooth and nail crying buckets of tears. R is attempting to calm the outcry with stories. He is very helpful.

I love T so dearly I am sticking to their routine, for him and me. . . especially in the sense that it may escape future grouchiness on my part. Please tell me that I am not the only one doing this.

Ten minutes later and T is asleep!  VICTORY!

Just as a side note, T said his prayers right after he plead with me that he was starving.  I was not letting any of the children have more food (they'd just finished off crackers and apples 10 minutes before).  He sneaked some bagel chips into his bedroom and was hopping on the bed gleefully getting ready to eat them when I took them and said he could have some tomorrow.

Then he knelt down and said his prayers. It went like this.

He'nly Faher [Heavenly Father]
I am really hungry. I really like chips.
In the name . . . amen.

Nothing like an informative prayer every now and then.

 He also joined us in primary for a little while today.  He loved answering every question with ample encouragement from S--even though he was only called on once.  And one of his answers involved the Prophet and Trader Joe's (a popular specialty grocery store).  For the record, I did not teach him that.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Kristin Taylor and I were able to go to the lovely Kelly Rowe and her dear mom, Sandy Johnson's home for an Easter Egg Hunt.  

This was my first time I really used my android phone navigation app because MapQuest failed me miserably. Yay for anything that gets me un-lost.

We had a glorious time hiding/looking for eggs. Kelly had these tasty sandwiches and bean wraps.  The house was so fabulous, it made me want to stay overnight in the guest rooms.  It was regally cozy--and beautiful.

Thank you so much Kelly and Sandy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Have you ever had a day where your little one came and wrapped his/her sweet arms around your neck and hugged you and suddenly time stood still for a moment and a realization warmed over you at your amazing state of blessedness?

Sure, times can be tough; money tight; disasters happening; even death in some places, but for that one moment in time you see your child as a beloved son or daughter of God and the joys that you have experienced with your child seem to rise like a sunrise to shine in your face?

That is what happened to me today when T came and gave me a hug. I hugged back, praying that I will always remember that moment and that I will always remember how blessed I am and how glad I am to be a mother.

I never knew how much love I had until I became a mother. In fact, in those first days it utterly astounded me. Yes, I loved my husband dearly and my family dearly--but with children all those feelings were magnified one hundred fold.  

Thank you mom and mommers for all you do! Your examples have made my life so much better! Your determination and endurance gives me hope and happiness. I love you! Happy Mother's Day!

Love, M

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Break was Fabulous!

More proof coming. . . It was a glorious staycation.