Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering People--Blur

Have you ever had one of those moments? Like the one where you are sure you know someone, but for the life of you, you cannot remember their name? You know you have had extensive conversations with them in the past, they made you laugh about something or other.

You see them, assume they recognize you, you give them a hug--then they look at you like you're a complete stranger (mouth agape) and the moment suddenly becomes uncomfortably and exceedingly awkward.

You both reintroduce yourselves but you are left with a seething "duh" moment realizing you have just met their family and they have no idea who you are or where you have met.

Of course right after the re-introductions you immediately forget their name again--probably the prolonged awkwardness erased it from your mind for life.

Maybe you haven't had one of those moments.

Oh well. It was nice to know you, whoever you are--sister from the Inwood 2nd ward.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zumba reprise

Maybe you are curious about the next few times I went to the gym. You can now change the voice in your head to the voice at the end of the vintage Batman television show.

Will M go back to the gym?
Has she quit Zumba even though she loves to dance?
Will the fact that she feels like those women will be peering at her from any given corner at any given time she is in there stop her from her fitness goals?
Will she buy a smoothie from the smoothie bar?
What will she do next?
Tune in next time, same M-time, same M-channel.

Okay. Then there would be a short commercial.

This is Victoria. She has a problem. She is a severe chocoholic and cannot seem to stop eating anything with chocolate. Now there is a solution for her. Chocoholic's Anonymous. . .

Then would come the theme music that makes you feel like you're twirling in circles.

M went back to the gym. She went back to the same Zumba class she felt sure she couldn't face for at least two more weeks. Nothing is going to keep her from using the gym she feels she paid an arm and a leg for, not even two nutty women. She even looked one of them in the eye--by accident--but she did it. She calmly went in, a nervous wreck, danced sloppily, let all the late comers stand by her and welcomed them by learning their names-- Lisa, Sonya, Eileen, Kristen, etc. Afterward she walked out shoulders back, head high and put the towel in the towel bin and turned to see one of the women giving her the evil eye--okay just looking at her somewhat contradictorily. She [accidentally] half smiled and walked out the door.

If there are women out there attempting to make and keep their fitness goals at my gym--Mwoman is all for supporting one another.

In M's head though-- zow! Wap! Ouch!

Just kidding. Mostly.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Central Park Zoo

This morning we were getting ready to go to the Central Park Zoo to meet with some friends, Shawna M. and her son J. We were running late and got to the subway platform when S casually demanded that she needed a seat. A little girl on the end of the bench scooted over just enough for S to sit by her.

They were immediate friends--long lost buddies from a long-lost past or something-ish. When the train came they held hands to get onto the train. They danced, sang, talked about their favorite things, etc. S gave her two silly bandz (don't tell R).

She'd just come from the dentist with her mother and they had the day off. They came to the zoo with us. I talked with Sherry, the mom. The girls decided they must be pen pals (even though S had no idea what that was--but it must be super awesome because T--the pal had said it with pounds of enthusiasm).

The moment S saw J (Shawna's boy) she made sure J had nearly her undivided attention, not her subway pal. They were soon running to opposite ends of the zoo willy-nilly, as if the fact that they had been kindred spirits on the train had melted like a ice cream cone on asphalt in 100 degree weather. Oh well, maybe we'll get a letter from them in the mail.

Shawna and I visited Whole Foods and had a great time chatting. You know, people in Brooklyn are pretty nice--especially when they make room for you on the subway benches.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Watermelon Dilemma

Tonight as I was cutting some watermelon for S, she adamantly asked for it to be cut into pennies. I told her I did not know how to cut pennies out of watermelon.

Then S said, "Just cut it into four pieces."

"Oh," I said, "You wanted quarters."

That monetary system . . . so confusing when it comes to watermelon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gym Etiquette

I joined a gym.

Tonight was my first real-life lesson in gym class etiquette.

1. I was 4.1 minutes late. Mistake #1.
2. The only spot that appeared to be open was a spot in the front by the mirror. I tried to go up there as inconspicuously as I could and began dancing (it was a Zumba class).3. The ladies next to me did not like my desire to dance by them, apparently the four to six feet in front of them for the mirror wasn't enough (compared to the non-mirror women had). The one on the right nearly stepped on me about 10 times.
4. The one on the left had nearly 1/8th of the room. I kept trying to give them the space they needed and switched from behind to in front because they kept boxing me in--in between them. At one point I thought they were trying to do a chorus line type of thing because they were smiling and I decide to live it up and laughed what I thought was with them.
5. After that song I got a drink as usual. As I drank I saw them join up with a lady behind me. The one on the right told me to stay back (there was only 2 feet behind me--compared to the 4-6 feet in front of her. I didn't want to smoosh the lady behind me. They tried the boxing-in again, not as aggressively as before.
6. Then I told the lady on the left that if I was not giving her enough space I could move (her and her 1/8th). She told me to "Yes, move!" There was no smile on her face. I smiled, gathered my stuff and went to find a place in the equipment area.

I think I started quite a stir. I could see the instructor getting a slightly worried look in my direction (pre-move). I really tried not to lose my temper at these women--I attempted to see things from their light and I really could sense that my coming in late and trying to "steal" some of their standing room really irked them. It probably also bothered them that I was smiling the whole time.

This class made me realize I love to dance--I knew before that I loved to dance by myself but this class made me feel like I had some talent--confidence I was seriously lacking in high school and college seemed to make itself at home when I was dancing with a lot of other ladies attempting to do what the instructor was doing. That new-found confidence had a really difficult time staying off my happy face--which seemed to add insult to injury to these women.

Afterward I avoided the women--not something I usually do. I met a new friend, Lauren who let me use the space in the equipment area with no complaints, thankfully. You may wonder why I didn't just leave. To be quite honest it was my determination to show those women I was not licked, just polite.

I walked home feeling smugly proud of my determination not to get mad. I met up with the behind-me-gossiper and she told me I had broken several rules.
A. Don't stand in front of the people by the mirrors--they are there because they want to see themselves or perfect their moves.
B. Don't move places (I tried to tell her I moved because there was no room where I was standing because I kept feeling like they were going to step on me--she did not feel like that was excuse and ignored it).

She also told me she was trying to get my eye contact so I could see an open place--I looked there were none and she could have tapped me on the shoulder.

I came up with a few more rules for myself. Do NOT go at 6 p.m.-ish time because that is rush hour at the gym. The place is packed like sardines. If a class is full don't go in. Don't smile too much--even if you like it--it bugs grouchy people. This may sound like common sense to you but I am still new to this whole gym class thing.

P.S. I am sure those women are really nice if I got to know them. But it did give me cause to wonder if they were professional insurance fraud people that drove their cars to get mucho money. It also helped me realize there is a bit of you-step-on-my-toe-I'll-smash-your-foot NY attitude boiling well in B'k'lyn.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My cousin sent me this clip off youtube. Thanks, Michelle!

Is it just me or does this girl remind you a lot of S? Now I am going to go to my bathroom mirror and tell it all the things I like too!

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gutter Boats

When I was growing up my mother had a great knack for making things up that were super fun. She sometimes made these boats that often doubled for pirate hats. Today was one of my I-want-to-be-like-my-mom days (these happen often) but today I actually was like my mom and we made boats. Thanks Mom! :D

S had a marvelous time floating them in the gutter while attempting to help them catch the shallow current toward the storm drain. A couple of boys came and watched and S gave them boats of their own (Yay S!). Eventually, about five minutes per boat, they all sunk. They are now decomposing in the garbage can right next to the flotation location.

Moment of Happy

T has come in several times as I have been on the computer. The first time he came in he pushed the door as wide open as possible and then said, "S gsucmbur couch." Which I interpreted as "S is hogging the couch." So I said, "Would you like to show me?" He said, "Yes." He took my hand--or at least my two smallest fingers and delighted with the feeling of importance we walked out to the couch hand in hand. I got things smoothed out and returned to the computer for a few more minutes.

About two minutes later he came in with tears streaming down his cheeks and he said, "Mom, S on the couch." I went again hand-in-hand to investigate. S left him plenty of space, but I got his crayons and his drawing book and got him settled. Then I returned to the computer.

A minute later he comes in and says, "Mik, Mom" (milk). Again, hand-in-hand we walked together. In years to come I know I am going to look back at moments like that and feel immense gratitude. How I love my little ones.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


In case you didn't know Bishop M. is moving to Queens. Today they release Bishop M. and W was released from being a counselor. Our new bishop is Bishop Anderson; first counselor Brother Yau; second counselor is Brother Johnson.

It was a really great experience and our love of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Bensonhurst Saints has increase exponentially. We have received so many kindnesses and love from those around us.

So many times in Church when I was wresting with three unruly children I had someone come up to aid me (or at least offer), which I needed greatly--even when I refused help at the time--and probably should not have.

I personally learned that following the Spirit is vital--even when it may not seem to make perfect sense at the time. When you sense the need that someone may possibly need help that it is the time to really reach out and help them, even if those you know may think it unnecessary.

I know the Lord loves us, His children, so dearly. He has a plan for us. Many times he sends us as his angels to help those in need. I hope that I can always be ready to reach out to serve those in need.

Friday, May 14, 2010


After playgroup S turned to me and said something toward the effect of:

Mom, you were so good at playgroup. Good job.

It's nice to get some positive validation, even if it is from your five-year-old.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tonight's Funny Moment

R is having fun with his relatively new found ability to write--and the spelling gets creative. As you can see in the note. I was sitting outside their door, making sure they did not sneak out (as they love to do (mostly because T has figured out how to climb out of the crib). This note came slowly out from under the door. . . I told them there were no more minutes and that was time for the time to go to sleep.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ode to Mother's by S

Yesterday I overheard R and S playing with cars. It went something like this:

S: She can do amazing things, can't she?
R: Yes
S: It's because she learned it from her mom.

When the R and S sang with the primary kids, S (at least to me and one other person in the room other than W) sang louder and pretty much drowned out all the other 20 primary kidlets (although I am not exactly sure the Sunbeams were singing). Um, it was . . . bribery; not the drowning the other children out--just singing loudly and happily. Maybe next time I need to a: not bribe her or b: offer a smaller bribe.

I just came in from the other room. S was singing softly and had T wrapped up in a blanket and was feeding him banana in between his sprints to and from the blanket. She is such a dear little mother.

To you wonderful, dear mothers (especially Grandma O and VDG) thank you for all you do! We love you! You are doing great work and are great examples to us. Where would we be without you?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great News

We are pleased to announce that W passed his part 2 boards test!!! Some of you may not have known that W has been studying like crazy lately, but he has been studying for a very long time (which has made it very, very long for me and our kidlets).


W's birthday was a little while ago and I wanted to just say how dearly grateful I am for this dear man I married. He is very thoughtful to people. He loves the Savior, Jesus Christ. He learns at the speed of light. If he is very interested in something he can read about it and just do it--and it usually turns out great. He is a wonderful father. I love seeing him laughing with the kidlets. I love to see him reaching out to help them whether it be cleaning their room, getting them food, picking them up, comforting after they've hurt themselves, or just about anytime. W, I love you!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Tonight as Wayne, the kids, and I were eating dinner R said, "You know what comes after this, right S?" Then he slowly and quite deliberately said, "B-E-D."

S's voice went up about an octave and she delighted said, "Family home evening?!?"

Then we had F.H.E. about tithing. W asked R what tithing was and R replied, "Money we give to other churches."

Then for about the 100th time we explained tithing. :)

Then a moth flew into the room and the concentration on F.H.E. evaporated.

Oh well. Maybe another time!

Monday, May 3, 2010

the girl with the beet red face

Ran as fast as I could go
Felt my pulse ebb and flow
Determined to beat my best
Put every muscle to the test
Heart is pumping
Brain is thumping
Each footfall on the steep
Concentration all the more deep
Make-up melting from my face
Vanity again, sadly displaced
Perspiration dripping off my brow
I think I'm sweating like a cow.
"You can do it!" says my friend
My weariness it somewhat mends.
Smiling at the passerby
They look like they want to try.
Face is truly quite beet red
Feet are falling, nearly dead
My soul is pleading I can, I can
My feelings soaring I ran, I ran!

This is practically punctuation-free poetry. All my dear English majors--please imagine the proper punctuation. I wish the photo was me--but it is a copy of my dear sister-in-law Chelise's photograph finishing a triathlon (upon which I used my photo shop skills to focus the picture on the non-red-faced runner--Chelise). I wish I looked that good. :D Also, I did not finish any races--this poem was how I felt while running a short run tonight.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear Friends

My friend Heather W. came back to NYC. She brought her adorable bundle E. I loved her cute pouty lip--so dear! Even after a very long baby day Leolani was able to coax some sweet smiles out of her. It was so great to have you here, Heather!

I also got to enjoy the company of Celeste R. and Leolani K. I looked forward to seeing them and enjoying our conversations very much!

First we went to Popover's and then went to the Magnolia Bakery where we had some delicious cupcakes and Key Lime Cheesecake (all were scrumptious).

"My idea of good company. . . is the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company." Jane Austen (Persuasion)