Sunday, May 30, 2010

Zumba reprise

Maybe you are curious about the next few times I went to the gym. You can now change the voice in your head to the voice at the end of the vintage Batman television show.

Will M go back to the gym?
Has she quit Zumba even though she loves to dance?
Will the fact that she feels like those women will be peering at her from any given corner at any given time she is in there stop her from her fitness goals?
Will she buy a smoothie from the smoothie bar?
What will she do next?
Tune in next time, same M-time, same M-channel.

Okay. Then there would be a short commercial.

This is Victoria. She has a problem. She is a severe chocoholic and cannot seem to stop eating anything with chocolate. Now there is a solution for her. Chocoholic's Anonymous. . .

Then would come the theme music that makes you feel like you're twirling in circles.

M went back to the gym. She went back to the same Zumba class she felt sure she couldn't face for at least two more weeks. Nothing is going to keep her from using the gym she feels she paid an arm and a leg for, not even two nutty women. She even looked one of them in the eye--by accident--but she did it. She calmly went in, a nervous wreck, danced sloppily, let all the late comers stand by her and welcomed them by learning their names-- Lisa, Sonya, Eileen, Kristen, etc. Afterward she walked out shoulders back, head high and put the towel in the towel bin and turned to see one of the women giving her the evil eye--okay just looking at her somewhat contradictorily. She [accidentally] half smiled and walked out the door.

If there are women out there attempting to make and keep their fitness goals at my gym--Mwoman is all for supporting one another.

In M's head though-- zow! Wap! Ouch!

Just kidding. Mostly.


Chelise said...


You're doing Zumba? Awesome and ambitious! I remember my first dance class at BYU, when all the boys looked up to me by several inches. Talk about avoiding eye contact!

Keep it up, you'll be the ultimate Zumba queen.

You go girl!

M said...

Way to go, Mel! You showed 'em! You're much braver than me. When we lived in Tower 1, we had a totally crazy neighbor who shrieked and swore at me once when I took her laundry out of the dryer to put mine in (hers had been sitting there for hours, but she was clearly not in for a logical discussion about that). I made Nate do the laundry forever after.

Emily said...

M, you're my hero. Now for more reasons than one ;)

Nelta said...

Good for you! Yay! I'm so proud of you!