Monday, February 21, 2011

Our Valentines Date

For a romantic evening W and I got to go on a date (yes, an actual date--just we two) to a screening of the upcoming movie The Adjustment Bureau the Thursday before the actual date.  I'd say it is a bit more of a romance than a thriller (just so you know).

Thank you soooo much Kristin Taylor for watching our children so we could go.  You're a magician with children. One look at you and they are happy. :)

I am so thankful for my sweet husband and all that he does for me. He makes me feel beautiful and loved. I love you, W!

P.S. This will be the last of the pictures for awhile my camera broke. I was practicing with Picasa. I love W's face--it is good to be loved.

Valentine's Day Party

 We had a great Valentine's Day party at Lindsay Anderson's house.  The kids decorated delicious cookies and handed out valentines.  It was the first party where my kids got to hand out valentines and it was fabulous. In the past, the kids schools have not invited anyone to bring valentines. 

Thank you so much for having us over Lindsay.  We had a fabulous time! 


Friday, February 11, 2011

Hooray for the people of Egypt

I had no idea how close to Egypt I live.  It's like an all day celebration. People are flying flags out of their cars with a unique horn-honking parade that has been going on all day.  Sometimes when the light is red near my window there are two or three cars replying to each other in unison--the independence victory blare.

I did not know what was going on, go figure, because I had not checked the news--I just thought it was a bunch of smarty pants who like to drive up and down my road honking and whistling just because it is a major avenue --and for pity's sake-- it is fun to get attention.  But it kept on going and going.

At school there were several of the mothers inside their cars honking their horns, waving a flag out the window and smiling widely. Those who were walking sang to those in the car and the driver moms honked back and waved the flag with gusto.

I asked one of the singing mothers what was happening and she gave me the where-have-you-been, hiding-under-a-rock? look and said, "Our president, she's gone.  We are so happy. She has been there a long time."

Okay, and then there are the people that are honking--and the answers.  Maybe I'll get some pictures, because a van just went by with three kids sticking their small flags out of the top of their car.  I am so happy for these people and their new page in the book of democracy (hopefully).

The Huffington Post reported that the protesters were driven and enabling one another through virtual means, according to Moubayed, (author of the article), not so much as a pamphlet as in independence-seeds as in the past.

Even the semi-trucks are getting into the horn-honking action and I am fairly sure the honking will continue through the night.

P.S. (added Saturday) after I wrote this post the honking subsided abruptly.  Maybe they all went to Little Egypt in Queens (or to their homes to celebrate with their families).

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have bodies like you and me.

Tonight we had a Family Home Evening Lesson on the Prophet Joseph Smith and when he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and how he noticed that they had bodies like you and me.  If you would like more information about it please go here.

S thought it was important to let me know that Joseph Smith died.

I told her.

"Joseph Smith was martyred in  Carthage IL by a mob of angry men."


"He was killed by mobsters." I wasn't thinking of you know, the Sopranos-ish group of people, just so you know.

"Monsters?" All three children chimed in.

"No mobsters."



"He was killed by a bunch of moms?"

"Not mom-sters. Mo-b-sters."

"People in a mob."

"What is a mob?"

"A mob is a group of angry people."


Apparently my enunciation requires a lot of work.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

T turned 3

T is now three years old. I cannot believe it.  Three years have flown by faster than the speed of light.  I remember cuddling him as a new baby. Then zip, him walking around on shaking but chubby and adorable legs, laughing over funny things, eating dinner together and having him say inordinately long, but heartfelt blessings on the food (I think it is hereditary), and just having him smile his I-know-you-are-watching-me-Mom smile.

Thinking of him when I talk on the phone to anyone with his words pleading, "Talk to you." "TALK to you." TALK TO YOU!!!" Insisting that there was no way on this good earth, that it was anyone's but his own time to talk on the phone.

I love the way he watches marble races and ball poppers on you tube every chance he gets.  I love that he has discovered how to whisper--and that he is now at this moment whispering louder and louder "Mom, hot chocolate. Hot chocolate. Hot chocolate."

 I love you so dearly T. Thank you for being my boy. You make my life brighter and happier every moment.