Sunday, February 6, 2011

T turned 3

T is now three years old. I cannot believe it.  Three years have flown by faster than the speed of light.  I remember cuddling him as a new baby. Then zip, him walking around on shaking but chubby and adorable legs, laughing over funny things, eating dinner together and having him say inordinately long, but heartfelt blessings on the food (I think it is hereditary), and just having him smile his I-know-you-are-watching-me-Mom smile.

Thinking of him when I talk on the phone to anyone with his words pleading, "Talk to you." "TALK to you." TALK TO YOU!!!" Insisting that there was no way on this good earth, that it was anyone's but his own time to talk on the phone.

I love the way he watches marble races and ball poppers on you tube every chance he gets.  I love that he has discovered how to whisper--and that he is now at this moment whispering louder and louder "Mom, hot chocolate. Hot chocolate. Hot chocolate."

 I love you so dearly T. Thank you for being my boy. You make my life brighter and happier every moment. 



Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Mindy said...

Wow I cannot believe that either! I thought he was still one! I guess that's how old he was when I last saw him :). Oh and you tube marble races... I've gotta try that. What a great way to enjoy a cool toy without having to pay money. You are great! We think of you often. Loves!

Orton Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday! We love you T!

Joe and Kristin Family said...

Happy birthday Thomas!