Friday, February 11, 2011

Hooray for the people of Egypt

I had no idea how close to Egypt I live.  It's like an all day celebration. People are flying flags out of their cars with a unique horn-honking parade that has been going on all day.  Sometimes when the light is red near my window there are two or three cars replying to each other in unison--the independence victory blare.

I did not know what was going on, go figure, because I had not checked the news--I just thought it was a bunch of smarty pants who like to drive up and down my road honking and whistling just because it is a major avenue --and for pity's sake-- it is fun to get attention.  But it kept on going and going.

At school there were several of the mothers inside their cars honking their horns, waving a flag out the window and smiling widely. Those who were walking sang to those in the car and the driver moms honked back and waved the flag with gusto.

I asked one of the singing mothers what was happening and she gave me the where-have-you-been, hiding-under-a-rock? look and said, "Our president, she's gone.  We are so happy. She has been there a long time."

Okay, and then there are the people that are honking--and the answers.  Maybe I'll get some pictures, because a van just went by with three kids sticking their small flags out of the top of their car.  I am so happy for these people and their new page in the book of democracy (hopefully).

The Huffington Post reported that the protesters were driven and enabling one another through virtual means, according to Moubayed, (author of the article), not so much as a pamphlet as in independence-seeds as in the past.

Even the semi-trucks are getting into the horn-honking action and I am fairly sure the honking will continue through the night.

P.S. (added Saturday) after I wrote this post the honking subsided abruptly.  Maybe they all went to Little Egypt in Queens (or to their homes to celebrate with their families).

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