Monday, October 31, 2011

May I just tell you that I love, love, love my camera--almost like another member of my family.  When I take pictures I see people's faces and I think to myself, "Self, God really knows what he is doing. Look at His children, it is no wonder He loves them so much.  I love them too. The eyes are truly the window of the soul."

I just feel so blessed.

In church on Sunday some of the people were saying that they couldn't look at other people's blogs because it made them feel inadequate or like they weren't doing all they needed to be doing.  Well if you saw my life in reality you'd probably get a chuckle about my blog. . . I try to only put the good things that are happening on the blog and while they may not all make it on here--know that the not so good things will seldom make it on here because I want to remember the good things a lot more than the bad. . . . okay--off my soap box.  Thanks for reading!

Today I was the designated district photographer.  I got to take pictures of many of the children at my kidlets' school and some of the shots I got (some accidentally) made me feel tingles of happiness. . . hopefully they will for you too!

The Annual Pumpkin Patch, where each child gets to choose a pumpkin to take home for Halloween. 
It's my favorite activity to come to as a PTA mom, I think.

R went as Louis from Meet the Robinsons, but no one knew who that was so he adjusted it to Einstein (when he was a young man). 

I think I may have been distracted when taking this photo and it is the only one I really like of S.  She was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

T was a trooper. He stayed with me from 8:30-2:45 without too many problems. . . except hunger, grouchiness, and tiredness--but he got through thanks to sweets provided for the helping parents. After we got home he decided he did not want to wear a costume-at all. So we put him back in his sheriff star sweatshirt (as seen above) and headed out to trick-or-treat.  Brooklyn is an amazing place to trick-or-treat.  No one questioned his costume--I guess it helps to look "official."

This is my first ghost photograph. I got the idea from my friend--a professional photographer, whose class I just finished and loved.  We're the PTA ghosts. . . . Mwah ha ha!

And Mom, just for the record the boys are getting haircuts. . . just as soon as I have the energy--which should be soon . . . like optimistically tomorrow.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friend's McDonald's Birthday Party

 Check out the hair aiming for the balloon.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Leaf Magic Practice

Introducing the leaf magician, Roscotonoio.

Quick, shield your eyes!

Super hero Miso Cute puts up his invisible force field against Roscotonio.

The princess leaves  . . . bah ha ha!

But she's okay.

Again Miso Cute shields himself with the invisible force field.

Miso Cute has a few tricks of his own.

Wonder Mom to the rescue!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn Days

"Come," said the Wind to the Leaves one day.

"Come over the meadow and we will play.
Put on your dresses of red and gold.

For summer is gone and the days grow cold."

There is something about autumn that makes one seek out the perfect leaves and play all you can.  It's so beautiful to see the changing leaves. I loved changing the shutter speed on my camera so I could capture the leaves in the air.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

T's First Friend's Birthday Party

Not that it was his first, but it was the first one that he went to without R and S.
He had a great time! Thanks Emily and Family!

And . . . there were cupcakes!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New Favorite Photo

Okay, so maybe it's my second favorite, right after our whole family photo my bro-in-law took (see the top of the left hand side of the blog).

Sunday, October 16, 2011

All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth.

She took her tooth to school for show-and-tell two days in a row. Oh the pride of losing ones front teeth first.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Worth Waiting For

 This was so poignant!  I loved it!

Directed to the Sisters in Brooklyn

The jig is up, people who knew about this place. You've been hiding Aldi for waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. You've been discovered and it is time to fess up . . . WHERE HAS ALDI BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!!

Yes, folks. Today I went to Aldi where the groceries are cheap and [shhhhh] affordable.

I got normal things that would normally cost me between $200-300 and it cost me . . . dare I tell you. . . ninety-seven smackeroonies. I can almost hear your audible gasp and your steps to your husband as you shout- HOOOONEY-- WE NEED TO GET TO THIS NEW GROCERY STORE NOW- then we can stay in our budget . . . Let's celebrate--I think I'll buy some chocolate.

Seriously, I'm thinking a grocery gal's night out or something so we sisters can chat in and on the way.

It is in Queens or the Bronx {bah!}. You need to bring your own bags. They only accept debit cards and cash.You may have to pay to park your car {boo}. . . but the savings are worth it.

Any one?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Clearly Happy

I am so grateful for my sweethearts!  S lost her second front tooth last night and for the first time the Tooth Fairy remembered to come at night.

The other day I was lying on our couch for a few minutes when T brought in his pillow and said, "Here Mom, use this. That pillow is too hard."  He got some snuggles for that one!

S came and bargained with me today, "Mom, if I play with T until it gets dark can I have $1?"  Am I a push-over for agreeing to it?  When it comes time for mother nature to pay her monthly visit I start to get headaches and I willingly pay $1 to have my children involved in playful recreational activities--including setting up a bed in the middle of the hallway.

R is always the first one to help out. He listens the first time to my instructions--like to set the table and clear the table and wipe it off.

Also, just for the record, if we are not facebook friends you probably didn't know that I added to the blog. check it out. I would love to know what you think!