Thursday, October 13, 2011

Directed to the Sisters in Brooklyn

The jig is up, people who knew about this place. You've been hiding Aldi for waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. You've been discovered and it is time to fess up . . . WHERE HAS ALDI BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!!

Yes, folks. Today I went to Aldi where the groceries are cheap and [shhhhh] affordable.

I got normal things that would normally cost me between $200-300 and it cost me . . . dare I tell you. . . ninety-seven smackeroonies. I can almost hear your audible gasp and your steps to your husband as you shout- HOOOONEY-- WE NEED TO GET TO THIS NEW GROCERY STORE NOW- then we can stay in our budget . . . Let's celebrate--I think I'll buy some chocolate.

Seriously, I'm thinking a grocery gal's night out or something so we sisters can chat in and on the way.

It is in Queens or the Bronx {bah!}. You need to bring your own bags. They only accept debit cards and cash.You may have to pay to park your car {boo}. . . but the savings are worth it.

Any one?


Lindsay said...

I knew you'd be converted. :) One of these days I'll try to squeeze into your car. :)

Kelly said...

Is it REALLY THAT great? There's one not too far from here. Do they take coupons?

vdg family said...

Yes. We're having a girl's night out grocery shopping this Thursday night (I'm really excited)! I don't think they take coupons, but I'm not positive.