Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Moments

This holiday has been a wonderful holiday. We have had a wonderful time just being together and enjoying everything. We got about 10 games for Christmas and we've been playing them a lot. R and S's favorite game is "Horton Hears a Who." T has been a patty-cake clapping cutie pie. S has been singing "Mary, Did You Know" all over the place.

We delivered some goodies and we realized that one of our neighbors has a notably forgettable face. I think I have met the person three times and I still can't remember his face no matter how hard I try. Have you ever had that happen?

W, R, and I spoke in church. Just so you know, R spoke in primary.
Christmas week it started to snow. Somehow S made the connection if it is snowing it must be Christmas so we must open the presents. Gratefully we were able to put a stop to the present opening.

My kids love wishing people happy holidays (as you can see from the endearment on the side). They love to holler at people, "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" It is usually when they are about two feet away from them. The nice thing is I live in a neighborhood that pretty much appreciates children and the people smile kindly and return it with "Happy Holidays to you." The kids just beam after that!

I love the Christmas Spirit that surrounds us. I am grateful for the joys that surround giving and the joy of seeing the excitement and anticipation that gleams in the eyes of the kidlets. I am so very blessed.

Yesterday we went to the zoo to celebrate the new year that is coming. It was pretty fun because while we were there S said to some people with their children, "Are you good people?" Their looks were pretty funny. I had to laugh. Their daughter (a twin age 4) said, "Some strangers are not good people, we stay away from strangers. Some strangers should go to jail." It made me laugh even harder. Then R was a bit confused and said a bit upset-ly, "Is she saying bad things about boys?" I think he missed the first part of the conversation. Then a few minutes later as we were walking by the baboons we heard a little boy cry excitedly, "Look, mom. Elephant monkeys." Baboons really do look a little like elephant monkeys.

Last night T began saying, "Uh-oh." If that is his first word, then "Wayne" was his second word. He said it tonight, when I was calling W from another room. It sounded like "Waaa" with the long a sound. I think that will officially make him the earliest talker. I guess if your older sister talks all the time (which she does) it makes sense he needs to get a word in edge-wise.

S was just telling me to write, "I want to make Easter eggs." So I guess tomorrow we will find some food coloring and make some Easter Eggs (maybe we can draw snowflakes on them first).

Monday, December 22, 2008


How can you identify when some one is "deserving?" When do people really tell if someone deserves something or not?

For example, the other day my friend had free tickets to the circus so we decided to go (she brought her kid but there were only two tickets and her child was under three--the acceptable age). On our way to the tent at Lincoln Center we passed this woman up the street from the temple. She was begging for money. Her looks still haunt me --she was wearing a black and white jacket (like the old high school jackets--minus the logo), a black hat, she had a black hat on with the hood of the jacket. Her nose was running and her eyes the epitome of pleading as she plead for money.

Wayne and I decided awhile ago that if that happened we would give them the place to go--like the homeless shelter--and food if they would take it, but not money (because we don't have much). I have only ever walked by those places and I really don't know what they look like inside--are they scary?

This question seems to replay itself over and over in my mind with the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 56:15:

Wo unto you rich men, that will not give your substance to the poor, for your riches will canker your souls; and this shall be your lamentation in the day of visitation, and of judgment, and of indignation: The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and my soul is not saved?

What is the definition of "rich?" I am rich in blessings. I have a place to stay warm, sleep, and lock myself and my family in for the night. I have food enough for our family and perhaps some to share. We have clothing that may not be the utmost in style but fill our needs well and beyond. How do I share? Should I have given money? Should I have given the popcorn/candy stored in my purse (which the circus allowed in)?

After the circus we saw a man outside a fancy apartment building and a Rite Aid covering himself in some plastic and paper bags to sleep. He had a box sitting in front of him with a bit of red velvet and some pennies and dimes sprinkled in it? What could I have done for him?

What would the Savior have done? Reached out to the lowly, given what he had, comforted, consoled, offered love? In my head my brain calculates risks--will I or those with me be completely safe? Before I had children I feel confident I would have risked my life for almost any of God's children, but now that I am needed in every capacity could I do that?

Am I deserving? Am I satisfactory? Am I showing my love for the Lord acceptably? What could I have done more?

The pictures are of an exhibit in the World Financial Center. This was exhibits of canned food portraying wiping out hunger. Most had witty sayings. Then all the food was donated after the exhibit. I was absolutely amazed. Boy are we blessed!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hairy days

So just to let you know I am selling my hair to pay for our piano. I know donating hair is a very worthy and honorable cause, but at this time the income for the piano would be very welcome. Here is the place I am selling it, in case you are interested: I think a lot of people edit over their faces so I decided to do that too. Creative, right? :)

Please pretend you are sitting with me discussing my hair options. Pretend you are the hair dresser and I am thinking about what style will work the best for my face considering my hair will be very short. Are these haircuts all the same cut with different styles? I got these all from the Internet and forgot exactly where but if you do a google search with "short hair" then you'll likely find them. :) Also note I would not be wearing the same clothing as these hair models (just thought you should know). I don't think my hair will be going blond anytime soon and my hair is not as dark as the dark-haired girls, but I think I could do shiny some of the time. :)

Piano, Plymouth, Polidays

Our last piano was a gift from my mother and we loved it dearly. Unfortunately when we moved into our new place the piano wouldn't fit up the stairs and we had to leave it downstairs because we had no place to store it in the mean time and it was gone very shortly after. We even got one of our good friends stuck behind it (rather precariously) in the narrowest spot. His pregnant wife was really worried, but after many more adjustments they got it back down the stairs. I am really thankful they tried as hard as they possibly could.

We got the piano in Massachusetts on Thanksgiving day. It was fabulous to ride together. Then since we were only 2 hours away from Plymouth Massachusetts we decided to ride there to celebrate. We saw the remake of the Mayflower and the Plymouth Rock. We got there a bit late and after traveling six hours in the car my kids were tired so we didn't make it to see too much else, but we'll probably make it there again sometime. It was super fun. We ended up having turkey and potatoes--turkey sandwiches and potato chips. :D I cannot make the latter part a tradition.

Our Christmas tree is up and because of the kidlets it is constantly in a state of re-decoration. I think they redo the lower decorations several times a day. They shake, rattle, and feel all the presents trying to figure out what they are. I remember those days very well.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

T loves my hair

T has started firmly grasping and the yanking with all his might the front pieces of my hair. To which I inadvertantly yelp, "OUCH." He laughs delighted with his findings and yanks again.

I am trying to change this behavior, but if by the next time you see me I have a bald spot in front, I know you'll understand.



S has started a new thing. After she goes through the go-to-bed routine she runs out of her bedroom two minutes later in pretend hysterics. "I've had a nightmare," she says somewhat delightedly. We talk about nightmares and that they don't usually happen right after you've gotten in bed. One usually has to fall asleep first. We also mention that R has not had any nightmares right after we put him to bed. To which she impatiently said, "I am a girl and smaller too. I have nightmares."

Could comparison be possible? Come on Mom and Dad. :)


Hi! Welcome to the new blog. I am trying to get everything over from my old blog to this blog (or make it better than before--we'll see).

Things I am planning on covering in the very near future.

New piano
More endearments

Much to look forward to.