Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hairy days

So just to let you know I am selling my hair to pay for our piano. I know donating hair is a very worthy and honorable cause, but at this time the income for the piano would be very welcome. Here is the place I am selling it, in case you are interested: I think a lot of people edit over their faces so I decided to do that too. Creative, right? :)

Please pretend you are sitting with me discussing my hair options. Pretend you are the hair dresser and I am thinking about what style will work the best for my face considering my hair will be very short. Are these haircuts all the same cut with different styles? I got these all from the Internet and forgot exactly where but if you do a google search with "short hair" then you'll likely find them. :) Also note I would not be wearing the same clothing as these hair models (just thought you should know). I don't think my hair will be going blond anytime soon and my hair is not as dark as the dark-haired girls, but I think I could do shiny some of the time. :)


Joe & Kristin Family said...

I think they're all cute haircuts. It looks to me like they are similar in length, just styled differently. I think I like the blond hairstyle the best though.
What has worked for me is to find a model with my same/similar face shape and hair length I'm looking for. It took me awhile to find a good picture, but it has turned out to be worth it. I always take a picture with me to the salon too. I think you'll look really cute with your short hair cut. You're amazing!


Julian said...

You have such pretty hair! Holy
smokes! I hope you get good piano bucks for it. Good luck with the style--I've had some pretty horrifying cuts and a few amazing ones. Can't wait for your big reveal! My last cut I brought in a collage of photos I liked, just like your pics, and a list of about 10 descriptors (i.e. easy, makes face look thinner, pretty, etc.) Seemed to work--loved cut.

vdg family said...

Thanks for these great ideas. I will definitely take your advice.

Camille said...

Well, as a hairdresser.... they are not the exact same cut. I really like the middle look, but I tend to style my hair straight. You should decide what way you usually style your hair and then go for that look in the cut. If you like curly, look at curly cuts, etc. I think for your face shape, based on a picture from below, the middle one would be the most complementary, though any of them would look nice, because let's face it, you're just cute!

vdg family said...

Aw shucks, thanks for the compliment. It is good to know what a hairdresser thinks. Do you think I should try the highlights too?

Chelise said...

Mel!... I checked the link, and apparently it doesn't work which makes me think you sold it... congrats!