Friday, November 30, 2012

The Baby Moved!

Of course, I know the baby, now the size of a lemon is moving a lot, all the time probably--I think I actually felt it move today.  We were doing the swimming move in Pilates and all of the sudden, in the exact place the lady took the ultra sound the other day, I felt some very light bumping--like a "Hello, Mom! Swimming on the ground, really?!"
The good news is also that I think I'm over the morning sickness for the most part (hip, hip, hooray!)--the bad news is the headaches have started (and 2 measly Tylenol don't do much for me) plus all I want to eat is junk food. This pregnancy as far as I can remember is more like S's because I crave rocky road ice cream a lot.  Also, the baby is not up in my ribs. I sat in the car for awhile yesterday and I felt okay. But good posture is key for me to avoid those headaches, I think (and then you can't see my baby pouch as much).

In celebration of feeling the baby move, I bought a hat.  It is a hat I've been debating on purchasing for two years.  T took the picture for me.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Would You Do?

The other day I was walking and I saw this lady that crossed the intersections at an extremely busy intersection when the oncoming traffic had a green light.  She moved about three inches per second.  Gratefully no one was honking or being rude, but I was shocked that that was how she was crossing, like she wanted to get struck by a car.  So when she got across and the oncoming traffic was stopped I went over to her and asked with a smile how she was doing and if she needed anything. She smiled at me and said she was fine and started digging through the garbage can.  I walked on, feeling comforted that she could converse and smile normally.  Then she did crossed on the red light again, facing the more aggressive and busy side of the intersection.  I just sat and stared and silently prayed that no one would hit her.  Then she walked into one of the small stores. I got to the gym and told the people that worked there about the woman.  I asked if they would keep an eye out for her and they told me that if they saw her doing anything dangerous that they would call the police to come help her.

I asked a woman in my class what she would have done.  She said she would just walk away because people like that are like stray dogs.  I felt like I could swallow my tongue.  When is a person ever not important?

Then, today R told me that some of his friends use really bad language a lot.  They are the kids whose parents are really involved with the school. I was a little shocked.  The Friend magazine had an article about it suggesting the same thing and advising them that if they cannot get away from the swearing to sing a primary song or a hymn.  I told him first to ask them to not use that language around him and if they continue to use that language to go hang out with other friends. I will also mention the primary songs.  I think this is also the advice my parents gave me growing up.

What would you have done in these situations?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Parade that Wasn't

While we were walking down the white lines (our own unofficial parade) someone stopped and asked if we'd like them to take our picture.  I said sure (I don't think we have enough pictures of we parents and our kidlets).

The man asked T, age 4, "What did you like about the parade?"
T answered, "We didn't see it.  But I liked it on facebook."

I chuckled, the guy looked unimpressed. For the record, T is never on facebook.  He does not have an account and I'm not sure how he came up with that answer."

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Instead of the parade we went to the famous Crumbs Bakery near 37th St and 8th Ave.
It started like this.

And then we did this (a lot).

And very soon this is what was left. 

And this is how we felt.

And like this.

So we went down the middle of one of the cross streets and played on the white lines that are usually packed with traffic and then we went to B&H where the kids got loads of penny candy and I got Christmas gifts (yes!!). 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving at Pre-Kindergarten

The other day T was vehemently discussing with S the prospect of having a baby girl. It went like this.
S: What if we have a baby girl, T? Would you like that?
T: No, I don't want a sister.  I want a brother!
S: You've already got a brother.
T grumpily: I don't want a sister.  I don't want it to be a girl, unless she's cute!!

One thing that makes me believe that everything is going to be okay happened today.

I went to the Thanksgiving Feast at T's school.   The moment I walked in I was greeted with a huge smile.
As I stood there, ate, talked with the other parents, saw the children dance the hokey pokey I just had this happy feeling that if this these children are the future of our country, we're going to be just fine.  Now if their four-year-old amazingly happy and enthusiastic selves (as in 4-year-old style) can just stick grow up with  past learning to read, math and puberty, teenage-hood, university debt, and then we'll see what great things they will do! 

This is T's special friend that he talks about every day.  He thinks she's pretty great!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pregnant Dreams

W came home on day 5. He showed me some of the photos, but I probably will not post any for privacy reasons.  Suffice it to say that I think he made a huge difference, doing up to 11 difficult cases a day from 6:30 am to 10 pm every night. I am immensely proud of him.

When you're pregnant do you have crazy dreams?  For the last year (that means pre-pregnancy) I have had not just normal dreams I've started having complete story line dreams  from my friend Lindsay and her husband with their children saving the world from a zombie apocalypse (which dream I wasn't even in--I just watched); to finding a contaminated something or other and fleeing from the government that was hiding the evidence (Mitt Romney and his wife were in it and I kept thinking, "But I voted for you!").  Then this afternoon I dreamed that this baby inside me was kicking so hard that it's foot came right through my stomach and it opened up and I heard the baby make a cry.   I was astonished at how big the baby foot was--like hairless baby hobbit size--and I couldn't get my phone to work to call W and was attempting not to panic.

Please tell me I am not the only one that has wild and crazy dreams.  Because at present, I think they are getting out of hand. Ideas?!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 4

Dear W:

All day at the kidlet's school may be too much.  First it was open school day for S's class. It was the first time I have been able to go to her school and watch her teacher teaching.  Her teacher talks like me (she uses "like" and "maybe" a lot).  Her students obviously love her and were wildly raising their hands to answer any questions she asked.  Then when they went to their desks to do their projects they were so happy and enthusiastic. It just makes me grateful that our children have such good teachers.

Then I walked down the stairs and helped at the Scholastic book fair. The books were mostly $4 and up but a lot of the kids are used to being able to bring $2 to get something really great--which meant they had to get a little knick-knack instead of a book.  That kind of made some of them sad, but the school was not in charge of the prices, so we invited them to bring their parents back with them at Parent Teacher Conference so if they wanted they could consider getting something they really wanted.

R and his friend, G.

Then we had to go back around 6 p.m. for Parent Teacher Conference.  I visited with all the teachers and got happy responses (thankfully).  We talked with the art, music, science, and gym teachers too.  They are on grade level or above on every subject.

Can't wait for you to be home very soon (we're counting the minutes)!  It was nice to hear about the one child that didn't want you to leave and wouldn't stop hugging you.  You made a real difference to those children, W!  Love you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 3

I miss you. Just so you know, I felt sad I missed talking to you last night. Just hearing your voice makes me happier.  We just picked up the front room and I use that term lightly.   

I went and helped in R's class today. I love the dear couple of "cupcakes" (that's what R's teacher calls them) I tutor and I think it makes me feel helpful even though I'm not sure how helpful I am being. I have great ideas for next week to help them in their journey to reading and regrouping.  I really love how R's eyes light up when I come into his classroom. 

Then when I got T, it made me super glad to see him hop out of his classroom and tell me again that he loves his teacher.  Then he wanted to wait for his friend, Jesse again and they chased each other all the way back to our street.  

We did his reading lesson today--it took a little persuasion. I am happy to report all the children have practiced and are now dancing around the front room with the piano playing at a deafening blare and occasional "improv", but under the music I hear laughter and jumping so I count this as one of their "workouts" for the day.

We watched Blake J. for a little while today. You know how much the kids love to play with him!

Nature Photo
When I told a few people today that I was pregnant, most people were really happy for us--but some looked stunned and speechless. But I just felt and feel thankful and happy.  But a lot of me looks forward to the response of most to the idea of FOUR children in our family. :)

I love you profusely!

Later, I got to talk to W on the phone and he told me that in the middle of the night a man broke through the door of his room.  He walked over and hugged the television.  W and his roommate were shocked and ran to find security, but there was no one at the front desk and they couldn't get the guy, who was immensely drunk to leave.  Then W went out and found the security laying down, sleeping.  Turns out the drunkard was staying in the same hotel.  They had the door fixed soon after, but I'm not sure how well they slept for the rest of the night.  On the plus side he's been helping a lot of children. He operated on a hip and has assisted in many, many other operations.  I am so proud of him!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 2--I am really pregnant

Dear W:

Did you feel the earthquake yesterday?  Have you seen any damage?  What has been the most touching experience that you have had so far?  Are the people just beautiful? Does it feel like Honduras?

Just for the record we really miss you, A LOT!  I am glad you are on the trip to help the children, but having you gone is hard!   

The kids and I went to Costco and Aldi in Queens.  S and T love Nathan Grimshaw and followed he and his mother everywhere.  R went with me and helped me decide on things that I felt we could splurge or save on. 

We have a ton of food. :)  Yay!  

But the big news is my doctors appointment. There is a woman doctor in the practice and she is the one I saw. She was very gentle and kind (thankfully). She listened to my questions and lined me up for some bloodwork and such and even gave me samples of prenatal vitamins to try. 

But most of all, I cannot tell you how excited I was to see the sonogram of the baby. When I saw the small figure I felt this great gushing of love and happiness.  I got to see a closeup of the blur of his heart and hear the musical rushing sound. His hands were right by his head and he waved.  We, of course, cannot tell whether or not it was a boy or a girl, but I feel kind of funny calling the sweetie an "it."  I am 11 weeks 2 days along, making my due date June 1, 2013.  The sweetie is roughly the size of a fig and just developing hair and nails.  

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 1, Letter to W

Dear W: 

The primary program went pretty well, except that T only sang about a quarter of the songs, the rest of the time he hid. But when it came to his turn for a three second schpeel he went on and on like this: I love Jesus because He shares, He likes to build stuff with His friends, He shares his toys..."  It was really precious.  

R had his part very first thing. He read it confidently and sat up straight.  I was so proud.

S read her little part and smiled her own S genuine smile.  She also could be heard over the whole primary for the majority of the time. She wore her new dress and I curled her hair.  She was so cute.

I cannot tell you how much I longed to look over and share happy glances with you.  We could chuckle together about how dear the children were and how some of the children bobbed up and down behind the stand, one bounded on and off the stand in and out of the comfort of his parent's arms. Some hollered the songs, some said really sweet, heartfelt things, and our kids with their shining personalities. I felt so blessed, but missed you!

After church we waited to see if they needed me to take people to Coney Island.  There were A LOT of Manhattan Saints that came at 10 and they loaded onto three buses to go to Coney Island and Staten Island.  I ended up watching Jackson for awhile and took a woman from Manhattan and a couple from Salt Lake City to Coney Island. They had tents set up everywhere and there were dear bunches of people in yellow helping-hands shirts every twenty or thirty feet.Thankfully, Erica Werner watched our kids while I took the people and it went really well. 

Now I can tell that repair guy that I've helped a little by making it possible for some people to go to help at Coney Island by watching their kids, which I am really happy to do.  

S sort of announced our secret to a few people. She's so excited she says something like, "Mom, can I tell them about your you-know-what?"

I miss you a lot!  I missed your after-church smoothie.  I had to make one for us because I missed you so much.  It was our last bit of yogurt. I miss your back scratches (the ones from the kids is not the same).  I miss your commiserating with me about my need to eat and not knowing what would taste decent. :)

You mean the world to me!  I am so grateful you are my husband.  You cheer me up when I'm sad and encourage me when I feel unable. God bless you as you help those children!  I am proud of you!

Love you more than air!


P.S. The kidlets have "gone to bed."  I hear them laughing, telling stories and enjoying one another's company. Don't you just miss us a lot?    They went very quickly when I mentioned that we would do the dishes before they hopped in bed. I just really wanted to talk with you, but since you cannot at the moment I thought I would write you.  Love you!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge 11.07.12 Night Sky (it was supposed to be morning, but my mornings are a little rushed so the night sky won).  Listening to the snow falling and smelling the wetness and how it almost mutes the outside sounds somewhat makes me cherish the times when I see snow falling.  The kidlets played out in it today and came with with pink faces and huge smiles. 

11.06.12 Currently reading Les Miserables.  Do you think man kind as a whole may have changed because of this one book?  The intro to the book (a new translation) definitely suggests this.

11.05.12 This made me laugh. S was actually sleeping when I took this photo. She, R and S had all fallen asleep on my bed. She'd fallen asleep with a camel-back water back pack for hiking that my father-in-law had given her.  They keep begging me to go hiking.  She is also wearing a sleeping mask, compliments of Jet Blue. When I see my children sleeping I feel an overwhelming gratitude for them.  Now if I could just harness that feeling at the more trying moments of the day. :) 

These photos may or may not be out of order.  The subjects make me happy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

Happiness 11.05.12
Yesterday we watched a little boy so that his father could go be a "Mormon Helping Hands" person cleaning out a Catholic church in Coney Island.  He was four, like T, and he kept us laughing the whole time. Like when he asked me, M where my daddy (W) was. Then when he told me his dad was 100 years old (his dad is around W and my age).  And he knew some great big words that he would toss into normal conversation and he definitely has the gift of storytelling, he told us about how when he was riding to church there was a tree that came down in front of their car and we were all riveted, not completely convinced, but riveted.. 

Another thing that made me laugh happened last week post-Sandy when I overheard this woman talking on the phone. As I was walking by I only heard five seconds of the conversation.   It went something like that.

"When you talk to him, do not use that gangster voice!" Pause. "Stop using that gangster voice, now!"

I gave her a mental hug and I also kind of wanted to hear a clean language-d gangster voice. :)

Leaves 11.05.12  Some of the last colorful, on-tree ones in the neighborhood

Then today, S and T were having moody moments.  T has decided that running fastest to his room, slamming the door, throwing himself on his bed and covering himself with covers is the best way to make the unpleasantness leave.  At one point he did that when I said, "Let's read a story and give me a snugglehug" (our word for hug).  Usually at that point he'll run and give me a huge squeeze hug and a kiss on the cheek, but this time he ran to his room.  So I decided on reverse psychology and oddly enough it worked like a charm.  No hugging me!  I will absolutely not give you a scratch back!  You don't like those!  Quick as lightning that child was up right next to me hugging me and then turned around to have his back scratched.  I love it when he loves being with me, even if I have to pretend it's opposite day.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Photo Challenge

Day 1. Photo Challenge. Favorite Food--chocolate.

Day 2. Photo Challenge. Smile.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


It was an eventful Halloween. It started with the boys wrestling on my bed and Tommy getting a black eye.

At three we went trick or treating with friends from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  My friend's child got a black eye last week and she dressed him up as a boxer and his black eye fit in perfectly. . . but T wanted to be Toad from Super Mario Brothers and did not want home made.  So we went the way of the pumpkin (or carrot depending on whom you ask).  He put on a pumpkin hat and an orange sweatshirt and walked around.  R and S decided on their own costumes. R was a secret agent (we forgot the sunglasses). He pretty much looked like a normal kid with gadget gloves (technically winter gloves).  S was an angel in her angel dress.

For the ward party I put them all in Sunday clothes and took them as missionaries (I just cut out a piece of paper for a name tag).

Durhams, Greers, and the Anderson and VDG kidlets

In Bay Ridge, people adore Halloween.  Instead of going to homes (which you can still do, certain streets welcome trick or treaters--the people sit out on their front steps and hand out candy if they want), generally though trick or treaters go into each store front and get candy from the people working there.  Give yourself about three blocks on both sides of the street, going to each store front and you'll probably end up with a half pound of candy.  One Italian store was giving out full-sized European chocolate candy bars.

Rino and Satomi and kidlets.  They are so fun!

M, the Anderson's youngest.

When we were finishing up going trick or treating we stopped at a grocery store and were checking out.  My hands were really cold and I was having trouble writing my signature. I mentioned it to the clerk and he said, "You can thank Sandy for that."

The guy behind me in line chortled and said something near, "Sandy did a lot more than that.  My house is surrounded by six feet of water and I lost two cars.  I have been clearing the area as much as I could, I just hosed myself off--I smelled like oil and came to Bay Ridge for candy and some feeling of normalcy. The worst is that no one knows about it. I haven't met one person from FEMA out there or seen any news people. They are avoiding it."

"Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. You and your family are in our prayers," I said.  I wanted to offer help, but with three little kids as an entourage I doubt I would be much help and W had to back to work Tuesday so I couldn't offer services there.

Then he warmed up a little, "No, my sons, my ex-wife and her husband are all okay and that's what really counts isn't it!"

I felt utterly speechless.  I will not complain about cold hands to anyone, hopefully ever again.

From Mommy Poppins Facebook Page

Movement around the city is pretty slow. Traffic is horrific. They have a at-least-three-person-per-car-rule they are enforcing on the bridges (apparently), but some of the train lines are back in commission somewhat.
So slowly but surely the city is coming back to life (just avoid lower Manhattan and a lot of Queens).