Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving at Pre-Kindergarten

The other day T was vehemently discussing with S the prospect of having a baby girl. It went like this.
S: What if we have a baby girl, T? Would you like that?
T: No, I don't want a sister.  I want a brother!
S: You've already got a brother.
T grumpily: I don't want a sister.  I don't want it to be a girl, unless she's cute!!

One thing that makes me believe that everything is going to be okay happened today.

I went to the Thanksgiving Feast at T's school.   The moment I walked in I was greeted with a huge smile.
As I stood there, ate, talked with the other parents, saw the children dance the hokey pokey I just had this happy feeling that if this these children are the future of our country, we're going to be just fine.  Now if their four-year-old amazingly happy and enthusiastic selves (as in 4-year-old style) can just stick grow up with  past learning to read, math and puberty, teenage-hood, university debt, and then we'll see what great things they will do! 

This is T's special friend that he talks about every day.  He thinks she's pretty great!

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