Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 4

Dear W:

All day at the kidlet's school may be too much.  First it was open school day for S's class. It was the first time I have been able to go to her school and watch her teacher teaching.  Her teacher talks like me (she uses "like" and "maybe" a lot).  Her students obviously love her and were wildly raising their hands to answer any questions she asked.  Then when they went to their desks to do their projects they were so happy and enthusiastic. It just makes me grateful that our children have such good teachers.

Then I walked down the stairs and helped at the Scholastic book fair. The books were mostly $4 and up but a lot of the kids are used to being able to bring $2 to get something really great--which meant they had to get a little knick-knack instead of a book.  That kind of made some of them sad, but the school was not in charge of the prices, so we invited them to bring their parents back with them at Parent Teacher Conference so if they wanted they could consider getting something they really wanted.

R and his friend, G.

Then we had to go back around 6 p.m. for Parent Teacher Conference.  I visited with all the teachers and got happy responses (thankfully).  We talked with the art, music, science, and gym teachers too.  They are on grade level or above on every subject.

Can't wait for you to be home very soon (we're counting the minutes)!  It was nice to hear about the one child that didn't want you to leave and wouldn't stop hugging you.  You made a real difference to those children, W!  Love you!

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