Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Photo Challenge

Photo Challenge 11.07.12 Night Sky (it was supposed to be morning, but my mornings are a little rushed so the night sky won).  Listening to the snow falling and smelling the wetness and how it almost mutes the outside sounds somewhat makes me cherish the times when I see snow falling.  The kidlets played out in it today and came with with pink faces and huge smiles. 

11.06.12 Currently reading Les Miserables.  Do you think man kind as a whole may have changed because of this one book?  The intro to the book (a new translation) definitely suggests this.

11.05.12 This made me laugh. S was actually sleeping when I took this photo. She, R and S had all fallen asleep on my bed. She'd fallen asleep with a camel-back water back pack for hiking that my father-in-law had given her.  They keep begging me to go hiking.  She is also wearing a sleeping mask, compliments of Jet Blue. When I see my children sleeping I feel an overwhelming gratitude for them.  Now if I could just harness that feeling at the more trying moments of the day. :) 

These photos may or may not be out of order.  The subjects make me happy.

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