Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 1, Letter to W

Dear W: 

The primary program went pretty well, except that T only sang about a quarter of the songs, the rest of the time he hid. But when it came to his turn for a three second schpeel he went on and on like this: I love Jesus because He shares, He likes to build stuff with His friends, He shares his toys..."  It was really precious.  

R had his part very first thing. He read it confidently and sat up straight.  I was so proud.

S read her little part and smiled her own S genuine smile.  She also could be heard over the whole primary for the majority of the time. She wore her new dress and I curled her hair.  She was so cute.

I cannot tell you how much I longed to look over and share happy glances with you.  We could chuckle together about how dear the children were and how some of the children bobbed up and down behind the stand, one bounded on and off the stand in and out of the comfort of his parent's arms. Some hollered the songs, some said really sweet, heartfelt things, and our kids with their shining personalities. I felt so blessed, but missed you!

After church we waited to see if they needed me to take people to Coney Island.  There were A LOT of Manhattan Saints that came at 10 and they loaded onto three buses to go to Coney Island and Staten Island.  I ended up watching Jackson for awhile and took a woman from Manhattan and a couple from Salt Lake City to Coney Island. They had tents set up everywhere and there were dear bunches of people in yellow helping-hands shirts every twenty or thirty feet.Thankfully, Erica Werner watched our kids while I took the people and it went really well. 

Now I can tell that repair guy that I've helped a little by making it possible for some people to go to help at Coney Island by watching their kids, which I am really happy to do.  

S sort of announced our secret to a few people. She's so excited she says something like, "Mom, can I tell them about your you-know-what?"

I miss you a lot!  I missed your after-church smoothie.  I had to make one for us because I missed you so much.  It was our last bit of yogurt. I miss your back scratches (the ones from the kids is not the same).  I miss your commiserating with me about my need to eat and not knowing what would taste decent. :)

You mean the world to me!  I am so grateful you are my husband.  You cheer me up when I'm sad and encourage me when I feel unable. God bless you as you help those children!  I am proud of you!

Love you more than air!


P.S. The kidlets have "gone to bed."  I hear them laughing, telling stories and enjoying one another's company. Don't you just miss us a lot?    They went very quickly when I mentioned that we would do the dishes before they hopped in bed. I just really wanted to talk with you, but since you cannot at the moment I thought I would write you.  Love you!


Marci said...

Uhm, is your little secret what I think it may be? I have two guesses but the fact that you need to eat but can't think of what would taste good is making me lean very heavily in one direction. Are congratulations in order?! I'm dying here!

vdg family said...

Heehee, Marci--I'm pregnant. :)