Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 3

I miss you. Just so you know, I felt sad I missed talking to you last night. Just hearing your voice makes me happier.  We just picked up the front room and I use that term lightly.   

I went and helped in R's class today. I love the dear couple of "cupcakes" (that's what R's teacher calls them) I tutor and I think it makes me feel helpful even though I'm not sure how helpful I am being. I have great ideas for next week to help them in their journey to reading and regrouping.  I really love how R's eyes light up when I come into his classroom. 

Then when I got T, it made me super glad to see him hop out of his classroom and tell me again that he loves his teacher.  Then he wanted to wait for his friend, Jesse again and they chased each other all the way back to our street.  

We did his reading lesson today--it took a little persuasion. I am happy to report all the children have practiced and are now dancing around the front room with the piano playing at a deafening blare and occasional "improv", but under the music I hear laughter and jumping so I count this as one of their "workouts" for the day.

We watched Blake J. for a little while today. You know how much the kids love to play with him!

Nature Photo
When I told a few people today that I was pregnant, most people were really happy for us--but some looked stunned and speechless. But I just felt and feel thankful and happy.  But a lot of me looks forward to the response of most to the idea of FOUR children in our family. :)

I love you profusely!

Later, I got to talk to W on the phone and he told me that in the middle of the night a man broke through the door of his room.  He walked over and hugged the television.  W and his roommate were shocked and ran to find security, but there was no one at the front desk and they couldn't get the guy, who was immensely drunk to leave.  Then W went out and found the security laying down, sleeping.  Turns out the drunkard was staying in the same hotel.  They had the door fixed soon after, but I'm not sure how well they slept for the rest of the night.  On the plus side he's been helping a lot of children. He operated on a hip and has assisted in many, many other operations.  I am so proud of him!

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