Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Would You Do?

The other day I was walking and I saw this lady that crossed the intersections at an extremely busy intersection when the oncoming traffic had a green light.  She moved about three inches per second.  Gratefully no one was honking or being rude, but I was shocked that that was how she was crossing, like she wanted to get struck by a car.  So when she got across and the oncoming traffic was stopped I went over to her and asked with a smile how she was doing and if she needed anything. She smiled at me and said she was fine and started digging through the garbage can.  I walked on, feeling comforted that she could converse and smile normally.  Then she did crossed on the red light again, facing the more aggressive and busy side of the intersection.  I just sat and stared and silently prayed that no one would hit her.  Then she walked into one of the small stores. I got to the gym and told the people that worked there about the woman.  I asked if they would keep an eye out for her and they told me that if they saw her doing anything dangerous that they would call the police to come help her.

I asked a woman in my class what she would have done.  She said she would just walk away because people like that are like stray dogs.  I felt like I could swallow my tongue.  When is a person ever not important?

Then, today R told me that some of his friends use really bad language a lot.  They are the kids whose parents are really involved with the school. I was a little shocked.  The Friend magazine had an article about it suggesting the same thing and advising them that if they cannot get away from the swearing to sing a primary song or a hymn.  I told him first to ask them to not use that language around him and if they continue to use that language to go hang out with other friends. I will also mention the primary songs.  I think this is also the advice my parents gave me growing up.

What would you have done in these situations?


Alicia said...

We read that article too! I hate having to face these things as a parent. They're too young! And, I agree...every life matters.

vdg family said...

I agree they are too young. Only a few kids I knew swore and they didn't do it in school often.