Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This totally reminded me of W when we first met. Not that he had a beard or worked in a parking garage, but he is an expert validator. :) I love my dear sweetie!

By the way, W, our future is still so bright we need sunglasses!!!

P.S. Please excuse the swear word--why do they have to add that!!!

Sweet Dreams

Tonight I was lying by my kids, sandwiched between T and S when I thought, "What do I want more than anything in the world, right now?"

My mind envisioned a home with white columns (a childhood dream), rooms with light blue paint, new furniture, cleanliness, quiet. Then I remembered I would have to walk to their different rooms for their good night routine and snuggles. That would take a lot of time and what if I were to fall asleep and forget one before he/she fell asleep? It would be completely different.

Then I thought of the snuggled, snoring children sleeping practically on top of me and I thought, "No, we're good. I love this."

There's a lot to be said of togetherness.

Anker's "Sleeping Children by a Porcelain Stove" borrowed from here.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hershey, PA

We had a glorious time last weekend in Hershey PA. My kids were most excited about the hotel and they told us in the end that that was what they liked the most. Which was rather funny because we spent an arm and a leg on the park (even with a coupon).

They loved the swimming pool, the continental breakfast, and the television (cable!--specifically Sprout).

The park was delightful. They loved the rides and S, R, and W went on the Comet (a very large roller coaster).

Of course we had to get a picture with the chocolate bar.
The Chocolate World was the best ride my kidlets thought.
Perhaps it was the air conditioning.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Did you feel the earthquake?

Did you see this article in the NY Times?

Apparently there was a 5.0 earthquake that was felt here in NYC that originated in Ottawa yesterday at 1:45 p.m.

I was lying on my bed for a minute--T was asleep--and I felt the bed shaking. At first I thought S had climbed on beside us and then I looked and she was not there. The bed was still shaking a little. It kind of felt like there was a subway going by next door (minus the sound and smell).

Did you NYC friends feel anything?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grocery Stir (not misspelled)

So, I may or may not have told you that I thought my neighbors were drug-smokers. But I am happy to tell you, it may not be pot. It was an Asian incense that smells grotesque.

I figured it out this morning when I went down the store below me and could smell it very strongly. Then I asked the lady at the checkout.

I know, I am a genius (hee, hee) for figuring this out nearly six months later and actually asking, like many of you suggested.

The lady at the desk is a kind Chinese lady that sells yummy bananas (really, I think they are the best in the neighborhood) asked me, "It smells good, right?"

What is the polite way to say, "Are you kidding me? We can't breathe!"

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration. We can breathe--in the other rooms. Just not in the kitchen or the bathroom or the hallway.

I answered it like a politician. I remapped the question.

Now to figure out if she's telling the truth.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What to do?

R's birthday is coming up.

He's really, really excited about it.

He's invited his friend's to a birthday party.

He told them they are supposed to pay for it.

Now to tell him, again, that when people come to our parties, we pay for the parties, not the people we invite.

Only problem is, I think he's invited half the school.


I am sure we went over birthday details since last year, but I think he may have selective deafness. Don't we all at some point or another?

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Have you ever had a day where your kid gets sick?

You give him some not-real Motrin/Tylenol (after you see his fever is 102.3 and it doesn't seem as though it is going down--plus you know the night time habits of high fevers with the sweet'um and you're really not anxious for a 5 hour middle of the night emergency room visit) and head to the doctor about an hour later, just in time for the medicine to actually kick in.

Your child acts as if being sick was an absolute joke. He's eating a roll--first thing of the day he felt good enough to actually eat.

The doctor comes in and gives you the whole "Oh, he's got a virus. Give him three more days . . . .blah blah blah." It all drowns out because in your head you hear, "Are you kidding me? Your kid is not ill. You're wasting my valuable time--I could be diagnosing ear infections and telling people to get their kids immunized--but please pay promptly up front for my services in telling you that you're an over-excited-about-any-sort-of-illness-parent. Get lost. Your kid is fine."

You feel your smile--what's left of it--become forced. Your kid of course is as compliant with the doctor as an obedient dog playing catch. You sigh. An hour later--your kid is as sick as a dog again and you're secretly hoping that doctor has a severe case of ------ hiccups or something.

Your night is pretty much non-existent and your eyes are practically glued open for an extended period of time disturbing their normal beauty-sleep pattern. A moment to rest seems impossible if your sick kidlet that will not do anything but sit on your lap weeping if his favorite show is not blaring from the telly (I love it when British people use that term, I want to too). It seems to be the only thing that soothes them back to sleep--even with the use of generic Tylenol and the knock-off Motrin.

Playdates, visiting teaching, watching a friend's child, library time-- it all feels impossible until the next day he is pleading to get out of the house. Which is great until you go to do your visiting teaching and then suddenly he's sick-ish again. Sigh.

Monday, June 7, 2010

One of the best "I don't want to go to bed" excuses ever

Last night I had R and S in their room getting ready to go to bed. I looked around the house for T and finally found him in the office. He had put on one of my exercise DVDs, pulled out my mat, and was attempting to do the pilates moves.

Nothing like having a good laugh to get the kids to bed-ee-bye.

Now he is asleep under a blanket that is trailing out of his room. I love that dear boy!

Also, please excuse the diaper only photo. It has been really hot here--this is his favorite outfit at present. It looks like he's getting ready to go into downward dog. ;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tooth Fairy Visit Tonight

R: "I lost my tooth."

M: "What? How?"

R: S pushed me.

M: S pushed you and it just fell out?

R: Yes.

M: That's fabulous (we've been waiting for that tooth to fall out for the last couple of days). S you know we don't push.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Loose Tooth on June 5

These are moments I want to treasure up in my heart forever!!

Moments like these make my soul sing with joy!

They make me laugh because of their energy, enthusiasm, and words to their impromptu songs. :D I also love T trying to get some attention and his fancy dancing.

Jesus Loves You

I was snuggling with T and I said, "Jesus loves you."

He smiled and hugged me then said, "You too."

He should know. He left Heaven more recently.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Hula by S and T

Today after the kidlets took their bath S decided it was the perfect time to hula (perfectly clothed of course). My camera is currently out of commission otherwise I would have taken some pictures.

S and T jumped up on my bed and started saying "hula" over and over and dancing to the tune of something like "The Mexican Hat Dance." After a moment they skipped to the front room and sang "hula" to the tune of "Follow the Prophet."

I love their moments of dearness.