Saturday, June 5, 2010

Loose Tooth on June 5

These are moments I want to treasure up in my heart forever!!

Moments like these make my soul sing with joy!

They make me laugh because of their energy, enthusiasm, and words to their impromptu songs. :D I also love T trying to get some attention and his fancy dancing.


Mindy said...

I just showed brayden all the videos. He was giggling with glee the whole time!

Brent Orton said...

Awesome! VEry cute, very sweet kids. M, S is just like you were!! Both of you Soo cute!

Loved the impromptu songs led by big brother R.

By the way, we are finally ready to have you guys come and stay for three weeks. Should we expect you tomorrow? Love you! (seriously, let us know when you will be out).

Glad you survived the Earthquake!