Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Click Clack Moo

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry b/c the room was fairly dark and I was using my camera. You can see our friends there too, Stacey and Samuel.

We went to the free summer-time theater for kids at the Lucille Cortel Theatre we saw "Click Clack Moo."

It took the kidlets a little time to warm up to it. All the actors were hilarious and kept me laughing. In the story book the cows have a typewriter but in the play they have a laptop (which of course the cows know/learn how to use) and they have a printer. They also watch movies about cows on "Mootube."

It was sweet. A member of our old Church ward, Sarah Gee, was in it and it was fun to watch her. The play's target market was children 4-8. There were a few babies. It was so fun to hear S call out at one point, "That's NOT a duck, it's a person dressed up as a duck."

It was fun to see the foibles of cows and chickens involved in a strike. The strife of a farmer keeping his farm out of foreclosure as well as keeping the chickens and cows appeased, not to mention his spunky granddaughter that dislikes the structure of farm work and prefers to email and such--which is how the laptop and printer end up in the barn.

It was great--I would definitely suggest seeing it. It may take a bit for your kids to fully enjoy it, but they will be happily delighted by the end. It happens at 10 a.m. Mon-Fri with a 6 p.m. show on Thursday (I think there are other times, but I cannot remember right now), you can Google it if you are interested in going. Pictures to come. Arrive early, tickets go fast.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Television

The television has been off all morning. The kids have been involved with other childhood activities and the television seems to know it.

"After all," the television winces, "good ol' friend, friendship has its limits. Why do I sit here lonely, neglected, underpaid, and sometimes over-utilized. How could they leave me alone?"

Somehow you can sense its silent grief.

The alluring power button that though it does not have a light seems to beg to be turned on. "Please, watch me. You love me. You cannot leave me alone for so long." It seems to wale in its own above-human-ability-to-hear-high-pitched whine.

"Oh, pity me," it weeps at it is splashed with the water of the across the room water painters.

It feels like it is getting a slap when a spare ball of play dough gets thrown in its direction. It can smell the icky odor of cookies baking (because tvs only like to eat electricity--they can't adore that tantalizing aroma).

The happy hollers from the children seem to deafen the dear, television. "Why," he wonders, "would children like to play and make noise? When they watch me they sit in one place transfixed for hours on my beautiful pictures and noises. They are stunned into silence and obedience. Why can not they be like that now?"

Poor, poor television. What a sad life he has. . . . if he ever had any.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday as I was speaking with my mother on the phone S shouted, "Mom, R is in danger!!" I ran back to the room to hear blood-curdling screams coming from under the bed. I (level-headedly panicked) put my phone down (sorry I hung up mom) and I began rapidly pulling stuff out to dig him out when I finally understood what my son was saying, "THERE'S A SPIDER AND HE'S GOING TO BITE ME!!"

Somewhat calmly I told him he did not need to scream like that if there were a spider. Screams like that are reserved for dire situations, like if you're dying. During this short lecture I inquired where the spider was and with superwoman courage I smooshed the spider. Normally my kids would have been examining the spider, but this time they were very afraid. I am not sure why there has been this great change.

Sorry to those that read this and feel a deep sense of loss for the spider and feel he should have been lovingly removed through the downstairs door, but I am for the quickest and swiftest solution when pressed.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scripture Power

Yesterday night we were reading the Book of Mormon as a family. We were reading about the letters or epistles (which we discussed in detail) where Moroni is determined that he will not switch the prisoners unless Ammoron gives up his scheme to take over the Nephites and submit them to his will.

I tried to explain to them why Ammoron was a bad guy and was determined to take away the rights. Moroni was defending the people and their rights, therefore the good guy. By the time we were done the kids were jumping on the bed hollering, "GO MORONI!"

When S was saying her prayers, she thanked Heavenly Father for Moroni and that Ammoron--that he could be a good guy. We're still working on "please bless" but I figure the Lord understands.

I love it when they get involved in the scriptures.

P.S. It took them awhile to go to sleep. Moroni sure is inspiring.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yellowstone Park

Monet-ish Idaho Sunset--beautiful

Grandpa with a huge fan club of grand kids following.
Holding hands please, we're crossing a street.

Ashley in the Yellowstone Park Gift Shop

Uploading photographs takes awhile, sorry folks. There are 430+ of them (which family members can attest to). I'll try to get more up that you can enjoy. It takes me awhile though.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


After going without a backyard for over a year my kids thrived at the opportunity to play, play, play. Jumping, swinging, singing, eating, sandbox playing, etc. It was like heaven. Someday I think we're going to have a yard--YAY!

The cousins were so fun and exciting. We love you!