Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scripture Power

Yesterday night we were reading the Book of Mormon as a family. We were reading about the letters or epistles (which we discussed in detail) where Moroni is determined that he will not switch the prisoners unless Ammoron gives up his scheme to take over the Nephites and submit them to his will.

I tried to explain to them why Ammoron was a bad guy and was determined to take away the rights. Moroni was defending the people and their rights, therefore the good guy. By the time we were done the kids were jumping on the bed hollering, "GO MORONI!"

When S was saying her prayers, she thanked Heavenly Father for Moroni and that Ammoron--that he could be a good guy. We're still working on "please bless" but I figure the Lord understands.

I love it when they get involved in the scriptures.

P.S. It took them awhile to go to sleep. Moroni sure is inspiring.


doug & mary said...

What a great post! It's so fun when kids really get into the scriptures. Good job!

Camille said...

so, if i ship my kids out for a couple weeks each year, do you think they'll soak up enough to get them through life???? I'm counting on the goodness of you and your wonderful family to leave an everlasting mark on them. :) I'll pay expenses... :)

cherry said...

I'm sure the Lord understands a child's prayer.Thought i would share Pres. Monson's story of his child's prayer:

When our oldest son was about three, he would kneel with his mother and me in our evening prayer. I was serving as the Bishop of the ward at that time, and a lovely lady in our ward, Margaret Lister, lay perilously ill with cancer. Each night we would pray for Sister Lister.

One evening our tiny son offered the prayer and confused the words of the prayer with a story from a nursery book. He began: "Heavenly Father. please bless Sister Lister, Henny Penny, Chicken Licken, Turkey Lurkey, and all the little folks." We held back the smiles that evening.

Later we were humbled as Margaret Lister sustained a complete recovery. We do not demean the prayer of a child. After all, our children have more recently been with our Heavenly Father than have we.

LOVED THAT STORY!! loved that your kids are enjoying scripture reading! You guys rock!!