Saturday, February 28, 2009

pneumonia 101

Have you ever had a winter where you were all relatively well for the entire winter until the middle/end part of it. It's usually where the weather can't decide what to wear--one day it's hot the next it is freezing with a negative wind chill, etc. You know what I'm talking about.

In the last few weeks we've battled with pink eye, colds, flu, runny noses, sinus infections, teething, and pneumonia. I've got the last thing and this is one of the rare moments where I feel somewhat decent to sit at the computer for a few moments. I think I am on the mend. To all the other suffering pneumonians--you have my sympathy. Pneumonia, in this particular case pronounced new-MOAN-yuuuuaaaaaah. In disgust (not honor) of the awful germ pthe prest pof pthe psentance pwill pinclude psilent pps.

I would like to thank the makers of Baby Einstein and all the cartoons/kid movies I've saved since I was married.

More than anything I would like to thank my number one champion, W. He has taken time out of his school rotations to come home and rescue me. He came home to watch the kids so I could go to the doctor. He's made me all the meals every day. He comes home right after work (sometimes in the middle) so he can take T. He has run to get anything that sounds good to me. He's done the laundry, shopping, cleaning, taking T because he can't nurse with the meds I'm on. Taking T during the night so I can sleep and not worry about nursing him. He has been my nurse and comforter. I love you sooooooo much W! Thank you for you cherishing, enduring love. You are my hero. Love, M

Thanks R! You've acted like you are twelve instead of how old you are (security reasons, ya know ;)). You have taken T when Daddy was at work. You come up with fun games for you and S to play. Thank you for coming into my room last night when all I could do is lie down and watch for the "movie" you made me about amnesia. In case you forgot it went like this:

R: This is the story about a man and his wife. They drank all sorts of drinks, but only the good ones! One day his wife made a great drink. He went and drank some and forgot everything. (He turns to S) Honey, did you drink that stuff you made?

S: No

R: What's your name?

S: (haughtily, primping in front of the mirror) I'm a duchess.

At this point I was laughing. They were hamming it up all they could. I am so blessed to have such sweethearts for family members. Thanks for your movie. I love you! Love, Mom

Dear S: Thanks for listening to, playing with, dancing with, feeding, etc. T with R. Thank you for carefully dressing up several times and for coming in to give me updates on occasion. Thank you for heeding me when I said, "Mommy can't right now, she feels too sick" the umpteenth time. You are a wonderful little girl and I love you dearly! Love, Mom

Sunday, February 22, 2009

T, etc.

T's 1st birthday--A dear bundle of cuteness--walking about--showing his words, "daddy," "uh-oh," "ma-ma," "Rah-co," "tha oo" (thank you), and today when I was talking to my bro he said what sounded like, "I lie that" (I like that). I love you sweetie pie. I am so glad I have you. I love holding you and seeing your gleeful smile. You are a pie of sunshine.
His birthday was the most put together first birthday that I have had (thank you). We had a cake--which he tasted the frosting of then pushed away. In case there is any doubt of what his cake is--it is a tadpole. Before I start getting oodles of orders (ha, ha) I want it understood that initially it was supposed to be a frog which morphed back into a tadpole. We also ran out of frosting. It's okay, it still tasted yummy (which is the main point, right?).
We had a special outing day where W and I were able to go to the NYC LDS temple. It was a cold day, but sooo worth the fabulous time we were together. The kids and I walked to Belvedere Castle. S didn't want to go until I bluffed her into thinking that Rupunzel just peeked out of the open window on the tower. We even saw a dragon. The picture where the kids are standing next to a rock with their mouths gaping--the rock they were standing next to really looked like it was going to fall over so we thought the mouths gaping (like they were holering for help) would add a dramatic effect. Maybe I should rename the picture--catching invisible snowflakes.

Lastly, our turtle Tuck Greeny VDG has moved on to bigger and better places, namely the pet store. His scent drove me wild and those who claimed they would care for his tank and such slacked and as a consequence our tv watching, people tamer, gulp recipricator turtle had to visit his new friends at the pet store. We'd like to thank him for staying with us for that short time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

pink cars and funny hats

Around Christmas time S, T, and I were walking around our neighborhood when we happened upon S's dream car, being pink and all.

Obviously it is a vintage first-ever Mary Kay car right? I would think that thing would be in a museum by now. And about the picture below--umm-my head is not shaped like that. I promise.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hundreds of Idahoans Attend Global Warming Protest

My friend, Terrah emailed me this photo with the above heading. It gave me a rather good chucklet.

W has been rollerblading to work lately (when the ground is not snow covered). The director of psychiatry said, "You're crazy." W looked him in the eye and said, "It's good exercise." Everyone scoffed. Then he replied, "It helps the environment." Which of course is only one of the many reasons (cost efficient, actual exercise, gives M the car if needed, etc.). Everyone stopped and said, "Good job, W!" "Way to help the environment!" "You will leave no carbon footprint."

Suddenly he was un-crazy.

There should be a big brass band wearing green with a picture of a tree and the polar ice caps playing, "Hail the Conquering Hero."

Imagine the above snow folk cheering my husband on.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Growth Spurts

R seems to have grown an inch over night. Can they do that???! Seriously! He has this pair of pants that were too big a couple of months ago, fit just right for about a month and then Sunday I notice they are about 1-2 inches too short.

S had some shirts that fit for a year and suddenly they are too small. Gratefully, just in time we got some clothes from an amazing family in our Church ward for her (I LOVE hand-me-downs).

T I won't even start with because we notice a difference in him overnight almost every night. His clothing is in a constant state of change. But what fuller cuteness could there be?!

Don't worry, I am not complaining. I am astonished. My little ones are growing up. I feel so blessed that I have them. I am so grateful for their love and sweetness. I am grateful for the happy times we have playing and singing and just about everything. They are wonderful, wonderful children. Truly, I don't think I could be more happy with them (you thought I was going to say blessed, didn't you--I was trying to think of a synonym). Pretty much in my head the words, "Enjoy every moment, enjoy every moment, enjoy every moment" seem to be repeatedly repeated in my head. :)