Sunday, February 22, 2009

T, etc.

T's 1st birthday--A dear bundle of cuteness--walking about--showing his words, "daddy," "uh-oh," "ma-ma," "Rah-co," "tha oo" (thank you), and today when I was talking to my bro he said what sounded like, "I lie that" (I like that). I love you sweetie pie. I am so glad I have you. I love holding you and seeing your gleeful smile. You are a pie of sunshine.
His birthday was the most put together first birthday that I have had (thank you). We had a cake--which he tasted the frosting of then pushed away. In case there is any doubt of what his cake is--it is a tadpole. Before I start getting oodles of orders (ha, ha) I want it understood that initially it was supposed to be a frog which morphed back into a tadpole. We also ran out of frosting. It's okay, it still tasted yummy (which is the main point, right?).
We had a special outing day where W and I were able to go to the NYC LDS temple. It was a cold day, but sooo worth the fabulous time we were together. The kids and I walked to Belvedere Castle. S didn't want to go until I bluffed her into thinking that Rupunzel just peeked out of the open window on the tower. We even saw a dragon. The picture where the kids are standing next to a rock with their mouths gaping--the rock they were standing next to really looked like it was going to fall over so we thought the mouths gaping (like they were holering for help) would add a dramatic effect. Maybe I should rename the picture--catching invisible snowflakes.

Lastly, our turtle Tuck Greeny VDG has moved on to bigger and better places, namely the pet store. His scent drove me wild and those who claimed they would care for his tank and such slacked and as a consequence our tv watching, people tamer, gulp recipricator turtle had to visit his new friends at the pet store. We'd like to thank him for staying with us for that short time.


Lindsay said...

Glad to see you back in the blog world -- I'd missed you! :) Sounds like some fun adventures in the VDG family. :)

Joe and Kristin Family said...

Fun birthday for Thomas! Can't believe he's already one. Wow. Your family is wonderful.

Sorry to see that the turtle had to go. Wayne may be reminded that we housed turtles, rats, snakes, frogs, gerbils, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, and more... ah, the good old (smelly) days!

Joe & Kristin

Rachel said...

that is THE best cake I have ever seen. Truly! Those are the ones we appreciate most in life! Your kids are so lucky to have you.