Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trees Fallen from Hurricane Sandy in my Neighborhood

First, I need to say, thank you for your prayers in our behalf. They were/are greatly appreciated.  Our prayers are with those that have lost loved ones, those who have been evacuated from their homes, those that have damaged homes and those that have no power.  

Tree 1

 Tree 2

 Tree 3

 Tree 4

This is from our neighborhood only.

Things went pretty well for us. The tree outside our windows held firm.  There was a lot of howling wind.  We filled up our brand new air mattress because all the wind howling in the kidlet's rooms.  Then within an hour the new air mattress was completely flat.  But the children had a great time not jumping, stepping upon, and lounging on the air mattress (the "not" is in italics because they did all those things). 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Liberty Science Center or my desperate attempt to get away from the house

I got my kidlets to school, all except T. We found out at the school doorstep that they did not have school today.  No biggie.  We got our car all vacuumed out (whew!).  Then I had some energy because it felt so good to have that thing cleaned out (I had not realized how much I'd been using it as a mobile storage unit). But even more, I needed to be out of the apartment.  

So I picked up the kidlets from school and we went to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey.  It was so fun.

But I have to say, dear New Jersey, specifically Jersey City, you really need street signs!!!

Also, dear Google Navigation (mine's named Betty), the one and only time (just about) that I want to go home a different way, telling me to make a U-turn at every (packed) intersection will not make me change my mind about the way I want to go home.   Also, please update on the streets that say "No left turn!"  and look like they've been that way for a very very long time (especially at highway entrances).

Even though Betty was acting batty, it was really nice to have an agreeing crew on my side. Every time Betty gave me bogus directions I would say, "No, I'm not doing that."  The posse in the back hollered out things like, "You tell her, Mom!" Okay, no one actually said that, but they did say, "Maybe you need another new phone mom, this one is not working." "Mom, be nice to it."  "I can't believe she [Betty] keeps telling us that!"

We came home extremely exhausted. . . or at least I was.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Because, because, because, because, because

This was going to be a rant about feeling sick and having a weepy eye all day, but it's changed to things that have made me happy today.  Even if this seems all cheery and everything--my day was far from perfect. But I am still greatly blessed, so this is what I want to remember.

T has been telling me he desperately wants to watch the You Tube, First Grader's version of "Don't Let the Pigeon Be The Principal."  He loving says, "Mom, I want to watch 'Don't Let the Pigeon Be Principled.'"

Then just now when I asked W how to spell berserk, because spell check had no idea, and he said, "G-O-O-G-L-E."

I made a yummy dinner which my friend, Omayma, made me this summer. It tasted so good made from ingredients I got at the store across the street from my home and took five minutes to make.

1. Italian bread
2. Lebnah
3. Olive oil
4. Fresh Mint
5. Salt
6. Olives

Cover the bread with Lebnah, sprinkle on a little olive oil, fresh mint, and salt and olives. Watch out for pits from the olives.  Enjoy.  

My kids chose to turn off the movie and play together.

The laundry is ready to go.

My phone is now pink and sparkly-ish.

Earlier, I was going to post the funny things my kids are scared of; like my friend Lindsay did.  I asked R what he was scared of and I typed a post as he talked. When he read what I wrote he just about jumped out of his socks with, "What are you doing?!  Don't write that down!!"  That made me burst out laughing.  Any post of his fears will not be coming soon.  Maybe at this point it is more of a personal journal post.

W gave me a great hug when he got home--which I loved and needed, a lot.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Nurse, S

You know those days where you don't leave the house because you have a cold and if you start moving, you feel like your body will fall apart and your nose will run away?

Those days aren't my favorite.

Today was that day for me. But tonight, my sweet S, searched the kitchen, found my wedding china and crystal goblets, set them out grandly on our snowman table cloth, and made mozzarella nachos with water..

Then I thought to myself that even if I feel cruddy, I have a sweet daughter that loves me and wants me to feel good by getting out the fancy china and making me dinner.

What a sweetheart!  Thank you, S! I love you!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stolen or Towed?

We thought our car got stolen. It was freaky.

It took us all morning to figure out where it was and the dear 311 and NYPD sent us for a couple of run arounds then we finally found out that the car had been towed.  Turns out in NYC if your car is even an inch over "the driveway" a policeman can come and give you a whopping ticket and have your car towed.

So please, be careful if you are parking in Bay Ridge, because if they are ridiculous (residents and cops).

Lest you think I am a debbie-downer, I am soooo glad our car is not stolen.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We were walking past McDonalds today and there was this guy in a wheelchair that was feeding pigeons french fries and patting this large dog on a leash next to him.  We walk past and T starts, "Mommy can we please get a hamburger?"  

The guy with his dog shouts out, "Go get that kid a happy meal!"

I was really hungry and considering it to begin with so we stopped in and got some food.  After we stepped out T ran to scare the pigeons away, it's a game he likes to play.  I like to think it keeps the pigeons on their toes.  

The man, however, was seriously offended by this and yelled out at us, "Don't do that to the pigeons. They're my dog's friends and he'll bite you if you scare them."

Yes, I did grab my child's hand and yes, I walked away as quickly as possible.  


Monday, October 15, 2012


Every morning requires that I get my children out of the house by a certain time so we can get everyone to school on time.  But, this can be challenging because I never know when I'll get the continual whine of "I don't want to walk" from my four year old.  The school year began with him in the stroller and lately I decided "come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet" that four year old will walk.

This means I need him to have had a good rest, a decent breakfast and something fun to encourage him on his way.  And by encourage, I surprisingly do not mean bribery.  Usually I play a rendition of Super Mario where I am Bowser and out to get Mario, Luigi and Peach.

But this morning someone brought down the box from the cereal we were eating (Costco sized) and first T chased me half way to his school with the box on his head until he got tired, then I may or may not have put the box on my head and chased him the rest of the way (we held hands crossing streets, I promise).

Yeah, I guess I am that kind of mom.  I'm okay with that.

Also, I may or may not have used some of my lip gloss as a fly-away tamer for my daughters hair. Lip gloss works great as fly-away tamer.

**Added an hour later. I just figured out my shirt was on backwards. Nice.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Humor


And how the election follows Halloween so closely . . .

With Baroque Obama, some of the comments on this one were humorous. . .  
1. Enough of the jokes. He needs to bring the economy Bach.
2. At least he's reading a Liszt of things to do.
3. I cannot Strauss enough of how much I agree. . .
4. You guys should give him a break, an entire economy is a lot to Handel.
14. We are all Baroque and need Monet.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FHE Moment

First, a little announcement from S. Her Venus Fly Trap, or what she calls her Piranha plant, just ate it's first fly.  S is so proud.
General Conference was this last weekend. I love General Conference. If you do not know what General Conference is, it is a time when our entire Church gets together to listen to the leaders of our church.

Tonight we were having Family Home Evening and W taught the lesson.  He said, "What was your favorite talk in General Conference."

Without hesitating, R said, "Ask the missionaries."

This is T inside his tent.
Elder Nelson gave a talk about asking the missionaries when you have questions, need help, etc.

Then he asked S and T and they in turn replied, "Ask the missionaries."

Then T sang it to us for the next thirty seconds.

We were all smiling at each other and I felt happy. :)

We built a tent out of our couch during General Conference. We also cut out photos and pasted them to special notebooks and added our personal notes.  It was so fun!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 3

RO and Family!  They are amazing!

Dad fixing RO's car that he let me borrow to bring to Idaho.  I had a quite a time starting that thing.
Eating icecream in the backyard with frozen raspberries, yum!

Grandpa taking the kidlets to feed the ducks.
Mom and Dad firmly believe that a family that works together stay together and will learn to work hard and well.
I love seeing the grandparents feeding the kidlets.  They are so good to us!

Uncles that share legoes are the best!  Both youngest uncles shared their legos (thanks B and J)

A Little Later at the G and M Household . . . with their new baby N. 
They make me happy.   

J and I. So glad he's my little Bro!

What you get when your brothers take a turn being photographers.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The keys

What is going on with my brain?!  It's the third time in two weeks I've locked myself  out.  I can't call my neighbors anymore, it is too embarrassing!!

This is the VDG/bear rendition of "Not again!"
Every time I leave the house I keep saying to myself, "I have my keys." Then I triple check and still--it happens.  

Like this morning.  I am not sure why but one of us woke up a complete grouch and it spread like wildfire.  I was snippy and my kids were groaning and complaining.  S had to go change her outfit again.  She couldn't  find the right thing I had to go and help, my keys, securely in my hand and then bag the whole time, or so I thought--until I re-checked my bag and they were gone.

Each of the facial expressions explain my day. 
 Then T and I (he skipped school for the event) went to W's work, where W was completely unavailable but had left the keys with a trustworthy person, and T kept saying, "Where's Daddy? I want to see Daddy!"  We got a couple of hot dogs and a doughnut and then we came back to Bay Ridge, got some spare keys made (in a 99 cent store--why do I do that to myself).  T hollered and screamed then had to be dragged from the place.  We headed home slowly and right after we got home and had a snack T and I took a much needed nap.

Now for the things I had planned to get done today. . . 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Photo Rich 2nd Day

So thankful for family! Thank you!!!