Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 3

RO and Family!  They are amazing!

Dad fixing RO's car that he let me borrow to bring to Idaho.  I had a quite a time starting that thing.
Eating icecream in the backyard with frozen raspberries, yum!

Grandpa taking the kidlets to feed the ducks.
Mom and Dad firmly believe that a family that works together stay together and will learn to work hard and well.
I love seeing the grandparents feeding the kidlets.  They are so good to us!

Uncles that share legoes are the best!  Both youngest uncles shared their legos (thanks B and J)

A Little Later at the G and M Household . . . with their new baby N. 
They make me happy.   

J and I. So glad he's my little Bro!

What you get when your brothers take a turn being photographers.

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