Friday, October 5, 2012

The keys

What is going on with my brain?!  It's the third time in two weeks I've locked myself  out.  I can't call my neighbors anymore, it is too embarrassing!!

This is the VDG/bear rendition of "Not again!"
Every time I leave the house I keep saying to myself, "I have my keys." Then I triple check and still--it happens.  

Like this morning.  I am not sure why but one of us woke up a complete grouch and it spread like wildfire.  I was snippy and my kids were groaning and complaining.  S had to go change her outfit again.  She couldn't  find the right thing I had to go and help, my keys, securely in my hand and then bag the whole time, or so I thought--until I re-checked my bag and they were gone.

Each of the facial expressions explain my day. 
 Then T and I (he skipped school for the event) went to W's work, where W was completely unavailable but had left the keys with a trustworthy person, and T kept saying, "Where's Daddy? I want to see Daddy!"  We got a couple of hot dogs and a doughnut and then we came back to Bay Ridge, got some spare keys made (in a 99 cent store--why do I do that to myself).  T hollered and screamed then had to be dragged from the place.  We headed home slowly and right after we got home and had a snack T and I took a much needed nap.

Now for the things I had planned to get done today. . . 


Whitney said...

There are so many things I love about the 2nd picture!

Lindsay said...

Amen to Whitney's comment. Such a great picture! :)