Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We were walking past McDonalds today and there was this guy in a wheelchair that was feeding pigeons french fries and patting this large dog on a leash next to him.  We walk past and T starts, "Mommy can we please get a hamburger?"  

The guy with his dog shouts out, "Go get that kid a happy meal!"

I was really hungry and considering it to begin with so we stopped in and got some food.  After we stepped out T ran to scare the pigeons away, it's a game he likes to play.  I like to think it keeps the pigeons on their toes.  

The man, however, was seriously offended by this and yelled out at us, "Don't do that to the pigeons. They're my dog's friends and he'll bite you if you scare them."

Yes, I did grab my child's hand and yes, I walked away as quickly as possible.  



Lindsay said...

Yeah, that guy bugs me. Whenever we walk by him, I always feel the need to distract my children and hurry past as fast as I can.

Whitney said...

I don't like that guy either! I walk as far away from him as possible mainly because I've seen his dog lash out at passersby and am not about to have my child maimed because he has a dog he can't control.

vdg family said...

Yeesh! That is good to know. I thought he was just trying to scare Tommy (and me). Good grief!