Monday, October 15, 2012


Every morning requires that I get my children out of the house by a certain time so we can get everyone to school on time.  But, this can be challenging because I never know when I'll get the continual whine of "I don't want to walk" from my four year old.  The school year began with him in the stroller and lately I decided "come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet" that four year old will walk.

This means I need him to have had a good rest, a decent breakfast and something fun to encourage him on his way.  And by encourage, I surprisingly do not mean bribery.  Usually I play a rendition of Super Mario where I am Bowser and out to get Mario, Luigi and Peach.

But this morning someone brought down the box from the cereal we were eating (Costco sized) and first T chased me half way to his school with the box on his head until he got tired, then I may or may not have put the box on my head and chased him the rest of the way (we held hands crossing streets, I promise).

Yeah, I guess I am that kind of mom.  I'm okay with that.

Also, I may or may not have used some of my lip gloss as a fly-away tamer for my daughters hair. Lip gloss works great as fly-away tamer.

**Added an hour later. I just figured out my shirt was on backwards. Nice.

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