Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stolen or Towed?

We thought our car got stolen. It was freaky.

It took us all morning to figure out where it was and the dear 311 and NYPD sent us for a couple of run arounds then we finally found out that the car had been towed.  Turns out in NYC if your car is even an inch over "the driveway" a policeman can come and give you a whopping ticket and have your car towed.

So please, be careful if you are parking in Bay Ridge, because if they are ridiculous (residents and cops).

Lest you think I am a debbie-downer, I am soooo glad our car is not stolen.


Chelise said...

So glad to hear it wasn't stolen! ...although it would have been a real push for walking to school every morning...

vdg family said...

Chelise: We walk to school every morning and home every afternoon and have been for the last 4.2 years. :) That's covered.