Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Because, because, because, because, because

This was going to be a rant about feeling sick and having a weepy eye all day, but it's changed to things that have made me happy today.  Even if this seems all cheery and everything--my day was far from perfect. But I am still greatly blessed, so this is what I want to remember.

T has been telling me he desperately wants to watch the You Tube, First Grader's version of "Don't Let the Pigeon Be The Principal."  He loving says, "Mom, I want to watch 'Don't Let the Pigeon Be Principled.'"

Then just now when I asked W how to spell berserk, because spell check had no idea, and he said, "G-O-O-G-L-E."

I made a yummy dinner which my friend, Omayma, made me this summer. It tasted so good made from ingredients I got at the store across the street from my home and took five minutes to make.

1. Italian bread
2. Lebnah
3. Olive oil
4. Fresh Mint
5. Salt
6. Olives

Cover the bread with Lebnah, sprinkle on a little olive oil, fresh mint, and salt and olives. Watch out for pits from the olives.  Enjoy.  

My kids chose to turn off the movie and play together.

The laundry is ready to go.

My phone is now pink and sparkly-ish.

Earlier, I was going to post the funny things my kids are scared of; like my friend Lindsay did.  I asked R what he was scared of and I typed a post as he talked. When he read what I wrote he just about jumped out of his socks with, "What are you doing?!  Don't write that down!!"  That made me burst out laughing.  Any post of his fears will not be coming soon.  Maybe at this point it is more of a personal journal post.

W gave me a great hug when he got home--which I loved and needed, a lot.

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