Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FHE Moment

First, a little announcement from S. Her Venus Fly Trap, or what she calls her Piranha plant, just ate it's first fly.  S is so proud.
General Conference was this last weekend. I love General Conference. If you do not know what General Conference is, it is a time when our entire Church gets together to listen to the leaders of our church.

Tonight we were having Family Home Evening and W taught the lesson.  He said, "What was your favorite talk in General Conference."

Without hesitating, R said, "Ask the missionaries."

This is T inside his tent.
Elder Nelson gave a talk about asking the missionaries when you have questions, need help, etc.

Then he asked S and T and they in turn replied, "Ask the missionaries."

Then T sang it to us for the next thirty seconds.

We were all smiling at each other and I felt happy. :)

We built a tent out of our couch during General Conference. We also cut out photos and pasted them to special notebooks and added our personal notes.  It was so fun!

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