Thursday, October 25, 2012

Liberty Science Center or my desperate attempt to get away from the house

I got my kidlets to school, all except T. We found out at the school doorstep that they did not have school today.  No biggie.  We got our car all vacuumed out (whew!).  Then I had some energy because it felt so good to have that thing cleaned out (I had not realized how much I'd been using it as a mobile storage unit). But even more, I needed to be out of the apartment.  

So I picked up the kidlets from school and we went to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey.  It was so fun.

But I have to say, dear New Jersey, specifically Jersey City, you really need street signs!!!

Also, dear Google Navigation (mine's named Betty), the one and only time (just about) that I want to go home a different way, telling me to make a U-turn at every (packed) intersection will not make me change my mind about the way I want to go home.   Also, please update on the streets that say "No left turn!"  and look like they've been that way for a very very long time (especially at highway entrances).

Even though Betty was acting batty, it was really nice to have an agreeing crew on my side. Every time Betty gave me bogus directions I would say, "No, I'm not doing that."  The posse in the back hollered out things like, "You tell her, Mom!" Okay, no one actually said that, but they did say, "Maybe you need another new phone mom, this one is not working." "Mom, be nice to it."  "I can't believe she [Betty] keeps telling us that!"

We came home extremely exhausted. . . or at least I was.

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