Monday, August 24, 2009

The Television

The television has been off all morning. The kids have been involved with other childhood activities and the television seems to know it.

"After all," the television winces, "good ol' friend, friendship has its limits. Why do I sit here lonely, neglected, underpaid, and sometimes over-utilized. How could they leave me alone?"

Somehow you can sense its silent grief.

The alluring power button that though it does not have a light seems to beg to be turned on. "Please, watch me. You love me. You cannot leave me alone for so long." It seems to wale in its own above-human-ability-to-hear-high-pitched whine.

"Oh, pity me," it weeps at it is splashed with the water of the across the room water painters.

It feels like it is getting a slap when a spare ball of play dough gets thrown in its direction. It can smell the icky odor of cookies baking (because tvs only like to eat electricity--they can't adore that tantalizing aroma).

The happy hollers from the children seem to deafen the dear, television. "Why," he wonders, "would children like to play and make noise? When they watch me they sit in one place transfixed for hours on my beautiful pictures and noises. They are stunned into silence and obedience. Why can not they be like that now?"

Poor, poor television. What a sad life he has. . . . if he ever had any.


GR82BAMOM said...

Very funny, and true! A TV is kind of like an intruder, a third person or the odd man out. That's why we chose not to have a TV in our bedroom.

Natasha said...

Good for you for having the TV off all morning! Since we came back from ID I find the tv on more and more. Maybe it is due to the lack of yard and lack of grandpa to play with!

Mindy said...

So the baby just closed his eyes and fell fast asleep, and the first thing I did was check your blog. Now that sure is a compliment to you. I love reading all about your life! I know you here this all the time, but you really do have a gift at writing. Speaking of which, did you email BYU? I want to hear about it! Love you! Remember you are GREAT!

Chelise said...

I'm still waiting for a big beautiful book with Melanie printed on the binding...