Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday as I was speaking with my mother on the phone S shouted, "Mom, R is in danger!!" I ran back to the room to hear blood-curdling screams coming from under the bed. I (level-headedly panicked) put my phone down (sorry I hung up mom) and I began rapidly pulling stuff out to dig him out when I finally understood what my son was saying, "THERE'S A SPIDER AND HE'S GOING TO BITE ME!!"

Somewhat calmly I told him he did not need to scream like that if there were a spider. Screams like that are reserved for dire situations, like if you're dying. During this short lecture I inquired where the spider was and with superwoman courage I smooshed the spider. Normally my kids would have been examining the spider, but this time they were very afraid. I am not sure why there has been this great change.

Sorry to those that read this and feel a deep sense of loss for the spider and feel he should have been lovingly removed through the downstairs door, but I am for the quickest and swiftest solution when pressed.


Mara said...

So long, spider. You shan't be missed.

T was cleaning the bathroom today and saw a tiny spider building a web in the corner. He said, "Ooh, Mommy! A spider!" Then a devilish voice, said, "I can squish him, right?"

vdg family said...

Lol! I love it!

Camille said...

I'm with R... spiders are totally a dire and distressing situation! ;)

the jensen's said...

I laughed so hard when reading this! I am so deathly afraid of spiders, it's close to embarrassing. I admire you for squishing it in such a heroic fashion! I probably would have just kept a good eye on it until Scott came home so he could squish it for me. I can't even explain my horror when we found a cockroach the other day. And then Scott left it in the toilet for me to find the next time I went to use it. Traumatizing.