Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Tonight I was lying by my kids, sandwiched between T and S when I thought, "What do I want more than anything in the world, right now?"

My mind envisioned a home with white columns (a childhood dream), rooms with light blue paint, new furniture, cleanliness, quiet. Then I remembered I would have to walk to their different rooms for their good night routine and snuggles. That would take a lot of time and what if I were to fall asleep and forget one before he/she fell asleep? It would be completely different.

Then I thought of the snuggled, snoring children sleeping practically on top of me and I thought, "No, we're good. I love this."

There's a lot to be said of togetherness.

Anker's "Sleeping Children by a Porcelain Stove" borrowed from here.

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GR82BAMOM said...

So sweet. I love it! My thoughts exactly, though I really wish I had one full night's rest.