Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hershey, PA

We had a glorious time last weekend in Hershey PA. My kids were most excited about the hotel and they told us in the end that that was what they liked the most. Which was rather funny because we spent an arm and a leg on the park (even with a coupon).

They loved the swimming pool, the continental breakfast, and the television (cable!--specifically Sprout).

The park was delightful. They loved the rides and S, R, and W went on the Comet (a very large roller coaster).

Of course we had to get a picture with the chocolate bar.
The Chocolate World was the best ride my kidlets thought.
Perhaps it was the air conditioning.


GR82BAMOM said...

We have always wanted to go there and see the Amish nearby. Glad you guys had fun.

Joe and Kristin Family said...

It looks like you had a great time. What cute pictures!

Chelise said...

Keep up the great work!