Monday, November 5, 2012

Things That Make Me Smile

Happiness 11.05.12
Yesterday we watched a little boy so that his father could go be a "Mormon Helping Hands" person cleaning out a Catholic church in Coney Island.  He was four, like T, and he kept us laughing the whole time. Like when he asked me, M where my daddy (W) was. Then when he told me his dad was 100 years old (his dad is around W and my age).  And he knew some great big words that he would toss into normal conversation and he definitely has the gift of storytelling, he told us about how when he was riding to church there was a tree that came down in front of their car and we were all riveted, not completely convinced, but riveted.. 

Another thing that made me laugh happened last week post-Sandy when I overheard this woman talking on the phone. As I was walking by I only heard five seconds of the conversation.   It went something like that.

"When you talk to him, do not use that gangster voice!" Pause. "Stop using that gangster voice, now!"

I gave her a mental hug and I also kind of wanted to hear a clean language-d gangster voice. :)

Leaves 11.05.12  Some of the last colorful, on-tree ones in the neighborhood

Then today, S and T were having moody moments.  T has decided that running fastest to his room, slamming the door, throwing himself on his bed and covering himself with covers is the best way to make the unpleasantness leave.  At one point he did that when I said, "Let's read a story and give me a snugglehug" (our word for hug).  Usually at that point he'll run and give me a huge squeeze hug and a kiss on the cheek, but this time he ran to his room.  So I decided on reverse psychology and oddly enough it worked like a charm.  No hugging me!  I will absolutely not give you a scratch back!  You don't like those!  Quick as lightning that child was up right next to me hugging me and then turned around to have his back scratched.  I love it when he loves being with me, even if I have to pretend it's opposite day.

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