Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Moments

This holiday has been a wonderful holiday. We have had a wonderful time just being together and enjoying everything. We got about 10 games for Christmas and we've been playing them a lot. R and S's favorite game is "Horton Hears a Who." T has been a patty-cake clapping cutie pie. S has been singing "Mary, Did You Know" all over the place.

We delivered some goodies and we realized that one of our neighbors has a notably forgettable face. I think I have met the person three times and I still can't remember his face no matter how hard I try. Have you ever had that happen?

W, R, and I spoke in church. Just so you know, R spoke in primary.
Christmas week it started to snow. Somehow S made the connection if it is snowing it must be Christmas so we must open the presents. Gratefully we were able to put a stop to the present opening.

My kids love wishing people happy holidays (as you can see from the endearment on the side). They love to holler at people, "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" It is usually when they are about two feet away from them. The nice thing is I live in a neighborhood that pretty much appreciates children and the people smile kindly and return it with "Happy Holidays to you." The kids just beam after that!

I love the Christmas Spirit that surrounds us. I am grateful for the joys that surround giving and the joy of seeing the excitement and anticipation that gleams in the eyes of the kidlets. I am so very blessed.

Yesterday we went to the zoo to celebrate the new year that is coming. It was pretty fun because while we were there S said to some people with their children, "Are you good people?" Their looks were pretty funny. I had to laugh. Their daughter (a twin age 4) said, "Some strangers are not good people, we stay away from strangers. Some strangers should go to jail." It made me laugh even harder. Then R was a bit confused and said a bit upset-ly, "Is she saying bad things about boys?" I think he missed the first part of the conversation. Then a few minutes later as we were walking by the baboons we heard a little boy cry excitedly, "Look, mom. Elephant monkeys." Baboons really do look a little like elephant monkeys.

Last night T began saying, "Uh-oh." If that is his first word, then "Wayne" was his second word. He said it tonight, when I was calling W from another room. It sounded like "Waaa" with the long a sound. I think that will officially make him the earliest talker. I guess if your older sister talks all the time (which she does) it makes sense he needs to get a word in edge-wise.

S was just telling me to write, "I want to make Easter eggs." So I guess tomorrow we will find some food coloring and make some Easter Eggs (maybe we can draw snowflakes on them first).


vdg family said...

I forgot to mention the photo is from flickr. Someone else took it, but they looked just like that at the zoo (b/c it is from the Prospect Park Zoo).

Lindsay said...

I LOVE S's rendition of "Mary Did You Know." So awesome. :)