Saturday, December 20, 2008

Piano, Plymouth, Polidays

Our last piano was a gift from my mother and we loved it dearly. Unfortunately when we moved into our new place the piano wouldn't fit up the stairs and we had to leave it downstairs because we had no place to store it in the mean time and it was gone very shortly after. We even got one of our good friends stuck behind it (rather precariously) in the narrowest spot. His pregnant wife was really worried, but after many more adjustments they got it back down the stairs. I am really thankful they tried as hard as they possibly could.

We got the piano in Massachusetts on Thanksgiving day. It was fabulous to ride together. Then since we were only 2 hours away from Plymouth Massachusetts we decided to ride there to celebrate. We saw the remake of the Mayflower and the Plymouth Rock. We got there a bit late and after traveling six hours in the car my kids were tired so we didn't make it to see too much else, but we'll probably make it there again sometime. It was super fun. We ended up having turkey and potatoes--turkey sandwiches and potato chips. :D I cannot make the latter part a tradition.

Our Christmas tree is up and because of the kidlets it is constantly in a state of re-decoration. I think they redo the lower decorations several times a day. They shake, rattle, and feel all the presents trying to figure out what they are. I remember those days very well.


Joe & Kristin Family said...

I'm so excited for you to have a piano again! Music in the home is sooooo wonderful. Hooray!


Chelise said...

Sarah and Roscoe are growing so quickly! How I wish I could be there! You definitely deserve the piano!