Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moment of Happy

T has come in several times as I have been on the computer. The first time he came in he pushed the door as wide open as possible and then said, "S gsucmbur couch." Which I interpreted as "S is hogging the couch." So I said, "Would you like to show me?" He said, "Yes." He took my hand--or at least my two smallest fingers and delighted with the feeling of importance we walked out to the couch hand in hand. I got things smoothed out and returned to the computer for a few more minutes.

About two minutes later he came in with tears streaming down his cheeks and he said, "Mom, S on the couch." I went again hand-in-hand to investigate. S left him plenty of space, but I got his crayons and his drawing book and got him settled. Then I returned to the computer.

A minute later he comes in and says, "Mik, Mom" (milk). Again, hand-in-hand we walked together. In years to come I know I am going to look back at moments like that and feel immense gratitude. How I love my little ones.

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