Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great News

We are pleased to announce that W passed his part 2 boards test!!! Some of you may not have known that W has been studying like crazy lately, but he has been studying for a very long time (which has made it very, very long for me and our kidlets).


W's birthday was a little while ago and I wanted to just say how dearly grateful I am for this dear man I married. He is very thoughtful to people. He loves the Savior, Jesus Christ. He learns at the speed of light. If he is very interested in something he can read about it and just do it--and it usually turns out great. He is a wonderful father. I love seeing him laughing with the kidlets. I love to see him reaching out to help them whether it be cleaning their room, getting them food, picking them up, comforting after they've hurt themselves, or just about anytime. W, I love you!!!!


Lindsay said...

Yay! That is wonderful news! Congratulations!!

GR82BAMOM said...

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

vdg family said...

Thank you! We appreciate all prayers that were sent our way!

Brent Orton said...

Way to go Wayne!!!! Hooray! Good luck with the all you two are doing! We love you and miss you!