Monday, May 3, 2010

the girl with the beet red face

Ran as fast as I could go
Felt my pulse ebb and flow
Determined to beat my best
Put every muscle to the test
Heart is pumping
Brain is thumping
Each footfall on the steep
Concentration all the more deep
Make-up melting from my face
Vanity again, sadly displaced
Perspiration dripping off my brow
I think I'm sweating like a cow.
"You can do it!" says my friend
My weariness it somewhat mends.
Smiling at the passerby
They look like they want to try.
Face is truly quite beet red
Feet are falling, nearly dead
My soul is pleading I can, I can
My feelings soaring I ran, I ran!

This is practically punctuation-free poetry. All my dear English majors--please imagine the proper punctuation. I wish the photo was me--but it is a copy of my dear sister-in-law Chelise's photograph finishing a triathlon (upon which I used my photo shop skills to focus the picture on the non-red-faced runner--Chelise). I wish I looked that good. :D Also, I did not finish any races--this poem was how I felt while running a short run tonight.

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