Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gutter Boats

When I was growing up my mother had a great knack for making things up that were super fun. She sometimes made these boats that often doubled for pirate hats. Today was one of my I-want-to-be-like-my-mom days (these happen often) but today I actually was like my mom and we made boats. Thanks Mom! :D

S had a marvelous time floating them in the gutter while attempting to help them catch the shallow current toward the storm drain. A couple of boys came and watched and S gave them boats of their own (Yay S!). Eventually, about five minutes per boat, they all sunk. They are now decomposing in the garbage can right next to the flotation location.

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Orton Family said...

Oh how fun!!! They look great! Way to be a fun Mom Melanie! We love you and miss you all!