Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ode to the Washing Machine

The washing machine.
It is loud.
It is huge.
It reminds one of a doll-sized bomb shelter.
It washes clothes.
It makes clothes look and smell nice.
Sometimes it ruins clothes it doesn't like. Meanie.
But most of the time, it is a perfect angel and cleans enduring-ly.
It has a quaint ear-piercing near-scream to alert users when the laundry is done or nearly done.
It can be kept in a basement or other place big enough for a washing machine.
It uses electricity, water and soap.
I want one. Now. And it's pal the dryer too!
But I'll just have to keep using it's sisters and dryer's brother's at my laundromat.

I'm thankful for washers. And dryers. And Laundromats.

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