Friday, January 8, 2010

Philadelphia Dedication and Introduction

Welcome to the novel-- Philadelphia, M's day with children while W is taking a test.

I'd like to dedicate this novel to you and your dog (or fish--or plant, whatever you have). Sometime you'll think of going site-seeing in Philadelphia with three kids and only one adult. You'll read this and consider bringing a few more adults. :)

It really highlights that my version of motherhood is delightful and somewhat chaotic.

For example, we went to McDonalds and S assumed that T would like to finish R's chocolate milk. She proceeded to give him a drink he didn't want and it ended up all over his shirt (her shirt had also been chocolate milk decorated from moments before). She's got her arms folded in a couple of pictures to shield the art from the eyes of the picture viewer.

Oh and don't forget I was running on three hours of sleep from the night before (crazy, I know).

The tree and carolers was from the pizza and pastry cock roach place. S really liked the girl in green because her head and music moved. S kept trying to grab it. Which of course I couldn't allow.

I like the photo of the kids taking their oath. . .it looks like the other guy next to them wants to be a junior ranger too. They must have been telling him he was too old.


doug & mary said...

You are so brave! Way to go, those will be great memories for the kids.

cherry said...

Truly brave!! Good job Mama!!

the jensen's said...

Like I've told you before, you are my hero. The day that I can voluntarily take 3 kids on a trip by myself to Philly is the day I probably get translated. You are so awesome!

Orton Family said...

Wow - what a trip! It is so neat all of the fun things you were able to see. Way to go at handling all the excitement, fits, sleeping and running children all by yourself. You are amazing! We love you Melanie!