Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Story of the Heating Pad and the Stomach Egg

Once upon a time there was a three year old named T.  He just scootered about a mile with his mommy, brother and sister.  When he got home he decided he had a stomach egg (ache). 

"Mommy, I have a stomach egg. I need this," he said as he dragged out the old bedraggled heating pad.

"I'm sorry you have a stomach ache. If you use the heating pad do you think you'll get better?" his mother asked.

"Yes, maybe," T replied.

The mommy nodded understandingly, trying in vain to hide her smile. "If you want to use it you'll have to lie down on your bed, like you were going to sleep so your stomach will feel better."

"Okay," T said.

They walked hand in hand to T's bedroom where laid on the bed while mommy plugged in the heating pad. 

Mommy waited a few moments after she put the heating pad on T's tummy.  Then she asked,"Is your stomach feeling better?"

T peeked under the heating pad, looked concerned and said, "No, my stomach egg is not better yet."

Mommy smiled and nodded and patted T's hand. They sat for a few more moments.

Then T peeked under the heating pad again and said, "It's all better now, here." He handed mommy the heating pad and got up to go play.

 True story.  The end.

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Michael and Tiffany Egbert said...

Ha! Love it! Wish all of my ailments were that short winded!