Friday, March 27, 2009

Just a quick note on prayer.

When I was in college at BYU in Provo my roommates and I made it a goal that every morning (or so) we would have roommate prayer--meaning we would all get together and pray--like family prayer. I was known for my marathon prayers--that would go on and on . . . .and on. I think on one occasion I even had one of my roommates come to me and tactfully show me the scripture 3 Nephi 19:24 (scroll down). It talks about not using a lot of words when we pray.

Well dear roommates (and they really are dear!) you'll be happy to know most of my prayers are now under a minute--sometimes under thirty seconds--thanks to three excellent reasons (namely, R, S, and T). Hopefully they are just, if not more, heartfelt.

Dear roommates:
Thank you for your patience and kindness.
Reflectively yours,


GCC said...

So, we used to have roommate prayer every night - unfortunately, the stigma I was known for was starting to laugh during the middle of the prayer. Whoops. Only my freshman year, though. :) Sophomore year, we had roommate prayer and hymn-singing every night. It was awesome!!

Tiffany Van De Graaff said...

That's adorable Mel...because, I'm sure you utter marathon prayers all day in your heart! You are continually prayerful! Love you!