Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Night One

Goal: Get T to sleep in his crib in the kid's room

Ways to accomplish goal:
  • clean room (Herculean task)
  • bedtime routine
  • sit while he cries until he goes to sleep
  • go out victorious
So tonight was night one of the separation. I don't know how the rest of the evening will play out but I can tell you how the bedtime part went. I got the room clean (thunderous applause) because I cannot sit in there in all those clothes and misplaced toys that the kids accumulate covering the entire floor without going mad. :) Now it is relatively clean. YAY!

After we did our routine I gave T a quick hug and set him in the crib fully expecting him to holler and cry for a good half hour at the very least. Nah--not tonight anyway--he snuggled under the blankets, inserted his thumb and went promptly to sleep. Nice.


rachel said...

OH how i love a good mommy success story... there needs to be more of these in life.

Mara said...

T and Sethie seem to really like sleeping in the same room. I think having the two of them together makes it possible for them to go to sleep each night with relatively little drama, so maybe yours will keep going the same way now.

Of course, Sethie is still going to bed with a pacifier AND he sleeps in his crib with a crib tent, so who knows what it's going to be like when all that changes... oy.

Why must there always be such sleeping drama with kids, eh?

Kelly said...

how did the rest of the night go??

Orton Family said...

Hooray!!! That is great! Hope tonight is great night number 2! Love you!

Chelise said...

Oh it makes me happy that you get a little break! You deserve such a big one!... and the rest of the night?

Also, I'm sure as a pro-Mom you've heard this, but I was talking with one of my mother friends, and they don't have any activities in the room where their kid goes to sleep.

No reading, no toys, no nothing. So the child knows when they go in that room, it's time to zzzzzz...

But, then again, they don't live in NY, have two other kids, a MS degree, and some appearance time on ABC TV :). Love ya!